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    My goal is to have may be 6 - 28x28 modules but it depends on the location and my resources at the time of contruction. I have wanted to put a link in my article to tell you about a company I have based my water ideas on but it seems I am barred from doing so. I will try again. I have nothing to gain from this company so I am not making any money by telling you about this company . I have been following this company for about 3 years and keep hoping they would come out with a real product.
    Anyway one of the modules will be a fish pond and be part of my indoor aquaponics system and another module will contain my hydroponics system that will be lighted with LED grow lights 24- 7. I put the fish on their own module because of the fishy smell but if this is impractical I will put the hydropincs part above the fish pond. Here is the link to the earth-sheltered homes Terra-Dome Corp. Builder of Earth Sheltered and Underground Structures
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    OK. Terra-Dome is one of many earth sheltered and underground constructions that use well proven and understood principles. The Hypersolar website is loaded with concepts but zero proofs. Many statements to the effect of "will be" and "is planned for" with nothing in back of them. Please provide credible studies showing that the technology and hardware exist, at least at the prototype level, along with successful test results.
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    A lot of folks talk about Fuel Cell technology, but I have yet to see one that has a reasonable Output capacity, like even a few KiloWatts, for a reasonable Price, say under &10K-US.... If you could score an old NASA Unit and the Power Converter that goes with it for Scrap Prices, that just might qualify for ONE Persons outfit, but then you need a whole Pile of Solar, many KWs worth, plus all the converters that go with those, and then a slug of Electrolysis Cells to crack the Water, and a specialized Compressor to store the Hydrogen in Tanks that need to be kept cool.... Cool and Sunshine for the Solar Panels usually do not go together well...
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    I think he's trying to tell us they have a new catalyst that reduces the power needed to break the bonds. I have my doubts.
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    Sintered Platinum is about the best anyone has come up with to date... But what to use on the other end, when you want to turn it back into Energy... Fuel Cell, ICE, What?
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    There is lots of hydroponics/aquaculture here at Monkey .... you can do a search. I will try to find the video link I had for a company a bit south of me, and some diy building videos for the draining / filling valve construction. give me a bit of time to get it posted, my honey do list is staggering
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