NC libtards making the news

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CATO, Jun 20, 2012.

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    At least they arn't going after guns.... yet...:D
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    Is my state the only one that allows idiots to reproduce AND vote?
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    No SJ it is a nationwide epidemic and my state is doing it's fair share I tell you.
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    Hey, NC has nothing on south Florida Libtards!! :D
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    A truly classic moment of Congressional Idiocy! The Military advisor was so wanting to do a double face-palm....... :D
  8. oldawg

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    Yeah and I bet not to his own face. Worse than his speech is the fact HOW STUPID would you have to be to vote that nut into office!
  9. CATO

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    oooooh, I know, I know.....the ONLY requirement to win an election there is that you be black; the voters there don't care about ANYTHING else.

    Congressman Hank Johnson, Representing the 4th District of Georgia

    GA's 4th district (where I reside :-< ) is Cynthia McKinney's old district...and she's wanting her old job back. If you don't know who she is....well, she's not much better than ol Hank as far as reps--she's probably sharper than Hank, but she is what I would consider Anti-American. When she lost the democratic primary the first time to Majette, her father blamed it on "the Jews....J-E-W-S."

    Cynthia McKinney - SourceWatch

    Georgia 4 House Race Between Truther Cynthia McKinney & Guam-May-Capsize Hank Johnson Should be Awesome - Hit & Run :

    Sweet… Crackpot Cynthia McKinney Will Run Against Kook Hank Johnson in GA Rep. Race | The Gateway Pundit
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