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    Voters Say Neither Democrats Nor Republicans are the ‘Party of the People’

    Americans have little confidence in Washington.

    A new Rasmussen poll finds that 46 percent of voters think it’s fair to say that neither party in Congress is the “party of the people.”

    Thirty-four percent (34%) disagree and 20 percent are undecided.

    Along party lines, a majority of Republicans (53%) and independents (52%) agree that neither party has the American people’s best interest at heart.

    Just 34 percent of Democrats agree.

    According to Rasmussen, even the 51 percent of voters who “strongly approve” of the job President Trump is doing don’t view either the GOP or the Democratic Party as the party of the American people.

    The results come as tensions in Washington continue to rise over issues such as healthcare and immigration, even among members of the same party.

    The survey was conducted on August 1-2 among 1,000 likely U.S. voters and has a margin of error of 3 percentage points.

    Voters Say Neither Democrats Nor Republicans are the ‘Party of the People’
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    I agree with the first part, for the most part, but the line under it, is that sarcasm or are you being factitious? So hard to tell any more.
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    You shall always sober up no matter how stoned you where, but once you are a card carrying member of a political party.....
    Well, drugs can't help you escape that reality........LOL
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    Maybe they need an intervention!!
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    "...finds that 46 percent of voters think it’s fair to say that neither party in Congress is the “party of the people.”
    Frankly, I think that poll is wrong, very wrong. I would bet it is much, much more than 46%. Why? People are finally starting to wake up. For example, election of President Trump who neither side truly supported.
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    let's hope so...
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    Both major parties want to infect with the same poison, they just use different flavored candy coatings..
    The success that Trump has had is in spite of both parties. Personally I have never been more P!$$ed at the Republikan party than I have been since Jan. I have considered myself a conservative independent with libertarian leanings for many years now, I voted for Trump and had hopes. I admit that I was foolish enough to hope/believe that the party that insisted that he follow their rules would at least adhere to theirs as well but we can all see how that's turning out.
    Trump will be a one term POTUS, but the blame for that can be laid at the Repubs door step. The Dems will win and we all will be back on the fast track to a socialist paradise fly over votes be damned..
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    am I the only one noticing some politicians jumpin out of their current party and joining the Libertarian party?

    after all... they're professionals... right?
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    I liked it more in commiseration and solidarity than anything. I agree with your assessment and while I'm not despondent, I'm not hopeful. The worst part of where the world is now, is what it means for what it will be like for my children and their children. I voted for Libertarian, like I have for the last 3 elections because while I've come to feel that any vote is a tacit agreement to the chains and bondage, no vote means I have no right to complain about "the other guy".

    I'm not an R, I'm a fiscal conservative and a social ambivalent right up until something get's forced upon me. Live and let live, but keep your hand out of my pocket basically.

    Trump is...hell, I have no idea what he is other than a Trump-ocrat. He talks a good game when he can do so without his foot in his mouth but I don't really trust him fiscally. Yeah, he multiplied his money but you must admit that he did so in some cases at the expense of others. That...rubs me the wrong way. He did not come from humble beginnings (and neither did Obama), and he truly has no idea what anyone but the "elite" have to deal with.

    Personally I'd like to see them keep the A/C in the White House broken and turn it off in the Capital building. Take away the perks of tax payer funded meals and travel, put them all in dormitory style housing (single is fine) and a cafeteria plan. It could even be "all you can eat" a la college (my daughter's costs $2300/semester for all you can eat meal plan). Even at $7,000 a year (12 months/3 semesters) for all you can eat food, it's a fraction of what they spend now on our dime.

    Amtrak, Greyhound and coach airfare is fine for the poor schlubs in the working class, it's good enough for our representatives. If they want to upgrade, it has to come out of their pocket, and NOT out of "campaign funds".

    Lobbyists are allowed to meet with representatives but must have a third-party auditor present. Promises of future funds result in JAIL TIME for BRIBERY (we have laws on the books, enforce them).

    Limit EVERYONE to two terms and Senate terms cannot be consecutive and we need to repeal the 17th amendment!

    Similar to the general prohibition on recent military service retirees being SecDef, you CANNOT go into any other federal service for 5 years before or after either of your terms end. Career politicians need to become an extinct animal YESTERDAY!

    Don't know that I have an issue with the electoral college, but I really thing something needs to be done about the over-representation of urban areas with regards to weight of vote. Perhaps 2 electors per state, just like senators? Every state carries the same weight when creating a law in the senate, every state should have the same say in electing the POTUS? This "must win X" is ridiculous. No, you must win 26 states! If more states lean one way over the other, then okay, we go that way. Yes, right now it would be "red" but that doesn't mean it always will be. In the most recent election, it would have been even more of a landslide with 60-40 votes if it was 2 per state. Don't know what to do with a tie.

    Rant Off. Maybe I'll start another thread on this. Not that it will matter or change anything...mutter mutter mutter...grumble grumble grumble...get off my lawn...
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    List? Link? Citation? The only one I can think of is Jim Justice, the Governor of West Virginia, who:
    • Was a Republican until 2015 when he switched to Democrat and announced his candidacy for Governor (and won), and
    • Announced on August 3 (2017) that he planned to switch parties on August 4 (2017) and become a Republican again
    And that, folks, is apropos of nothing, signifying the lack of ethical or moral fortitude in modern day American politics.

    And as far as switching after getting elected? I think you should be fired...out of a cannon...into the sun. It's the height of dishonesty, regardless of your political affiliation. Say what you mean, mean what you say and if you can't get a majority of the votes then you lose (yeah yeah yeah, rigged system, blah blah blah, whatever, you know what I mean).
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    South Park predicted this over ten years ago.

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    Pistols at dawn??
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    @Tully Mars @OldDude49 @DarkLight Man-oh-man! I totally agree with you guys. I do think Trump is trying to get something done. Do I like him? Not really but at least he is trying to do something. We have had no movement on the serious problems for decades! I remember as a child my grandmother complaining about the same things we are now except they have got worse. My vote for Trump was a vote against the political elites and with it a hope that he might - just might - be able to get a couple of major things done, just a couple. But, day after day it seems that nothing again will happen for 4 years - I'm talking about the major problems: Tax reform, Illegal immigration/securing borders (they're together in my mind) and Health Care (to name a few). However, there is silver in these dark clouds because what is obvious is that the Republican party is as bad, corrupt, and self-serving as the Democrats. Any illiterate can plainly see it now. As far as trusting Trump - well - he has done a lot of good things privately that when compared to any other politician puts him head and shoulders above them in my books. Did he get his money legally? Probably not. Welcome to American business 101! Hell, most the constant wars we fight are due to nothing more than ensuring American gets its market share (personal belief but think I could prove it if tasked). Anyway, glad to hear that others here got their eyes open. Trump will indeed be a one-term president as the Republicans will never let him run again but maybe this will be worth it for maybe this might be the start of the 'winds of change' starting to blow...or maybe I am being too optimistic this morning.
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