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    Per the request of a number of readers, I am announcing a pre-sale event for the new book. The new book is titled Guerrilla Gunfighter, Volume One: Clandestine Carry Pistol. This is the Clandestine Carry Pistol course, in book form, with a great deal more information. The book so far, which is at the editor now, runs just over 300 pages (which is largely unheard of in a pistol training book). The book covers the usual “Here is how you shoot a pistol,” content, but then goes on to put that content into context, illustrating and discussing different contextual applications of those core skills. It also includes a complete training program-of-instruction (POI), and a sustained practice program, as well as in-depth discussion of fighting mindset development, weapon and support gear selection and set-up, and optimization of sub-prime weapon choices, when you have to run whatever happens to be available.

    Release date for the book is 1SEP18. While I encourage pre-order, at the reduced price (final price will be based on final page count and printing costs), recognize that if you do pre-order you should not expect the book to ship before 1SEP (miracles do occur though), and there is always a chance that final publication may be delayed slightly, if unforeseen problems arise.



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    Could I ask for the list of chapters, to see if I would like to purchase...
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