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    According to a June 29, 2016, post from the General Services Administration, Glock has just been awarded a contract worth up to $85 million to supply handguns to the Federal Bureau of investigation. The contract include compact, full size, training (Simmunition) and inert guns.
    Keefe Report: FBI Selects New Service Pistol
    The armed forces seem to be down to Detonics, a new Beretta and Sig Sauer .

    Various US branches have many Glocks so it is somewhat surprising that they are out of the competition.
    STI-Detonics STX

    Sig Sauer P320 MHS

    Beretta APX

    The Top Three Contenders For The U.S. Military's XM17 Modular Handgun System Contract - Bearing Arms - APX, Beretta, Detonics Defense, Modular Handgun System, P320 MHS, Sig Sauer, STI

    The Could Have Beens
    Smith & Wesson/General Dynamics M&P
    General Dynamics and Smith & Wesson have public announced plans to enter a design in the MHS competition, but unlike the designs from Beretta, Sig Sauer, and STI-Detonics, the frame of the M&P isn’t modular. While end users can swap out the backstrap of the pistol to better fit certain hand sizes, the grip is an integral part of the frame. While well-established and a proven design, the M&P isn’t particular innovative. We’re suspecting that the MHS variant is substantially different that current production M&Ps. It if isn’t, the design doesn’t stand a chance.

    While the Glock is used by military forces around the world, and variants are approved for use in some specialized roles in the U.S. military, the Austrian company simply doesn’t come close to meeting the specs of the of MHS program. The Glock 22 is a likely entrant, but is only there for show.

    HK’s VP series is mentioned as a MHS contender, but like the Glock and Smith & Wesson designs, isn’t modular, and doesn’t appear to be caliber-neutral.

    Walther PPQ
    The PPQ is a joy to shoot and one of my personal favorites among striker-fired pistols. Unfortunately, it suffers from all the same MHS specification deficiencies as the HK VP series.

    We’re only mentioning the bankruptcy-saddled company to address gray-haired readers that still insist that military should roll back the clock and reintroduce the 1911.

    Um, no. Every pistol on this list is more accurate, reliable, has a higher magazine capacity, and better recoil control that the service grade 1911.
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    My 2 cents... The military would do well to go to the Glock and I am a bit shocked that they haven't done so. I would bet it's more "We're the military and we do it our way" thing than anything else. Most the darn police forces and militaries in the world carry them if given the choice.
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    Guarantee they won't pick the right pistol.
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    Gray-haired...check, 1911A1...........check, 8 rounds......check, when real life doesn't allow for triple tapping.....PRICELESS!
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    Like that last POS they selected, the Beretta M9.
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    I'm all for providing them the inert guns.
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    My God but those pistols are hideous. Give this graying welder the beautiful lines and functionality of the 1911A1 or my beloved High Power any day.
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