New movie out - Bushwick.

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    Saw the trailers for this.

    Think Red Dawn - only backwards and upside down. IOW - save your money, this one is a stinker. Even the lib reviewers said it was a stinker. Why?

    Roger Ebert had this to say

    "August 25, 2017

    This movie will lose the goodwill of any longtime New Yorker watching it within the first ten minutes. Under the opening credits, there are a series of relatively pleasant helicopter views of Brooklyn, starting from the shores of Coney Island.

    But these grow more sinister as we note the presence of a machine-gun barrel in the bottom of the frame. Yikes. Then: cut to an underground subway station. Church Avenue, service by the G and F lines, as the visible signage shows. Lucy, played by Brittany Snow, is wending her way to the exit, with her milquetoast boyfriend, played by Some Dude™. (Some Dude - nice snark)

    They’re mildly concerned because there doesn’t seem to be anyone around but otherwise are feeling jokey about milquetoast boyfriend’s impending introduction to Lucy’s grandmother. Their reverie is interrupted by a screaming man, his body entirely on fire, running down from the subway’s street level stairs."

    It rapidly goes downhill from this point - the beginning of the movie.
    The rest of the review (with spoilers) is here - Bushwick Movie Review & Film Summary (2017) | Roger Ebert

    Another reviewer
    Bushwick review: the debate over punching Nazis takes on extra weight in this timely American apocalyptic thriller

    When Texas invades Brooklyn, themes of race, violence, and defense against fascism emerge in a North-vs.-South war

    What’s it about?
    Civil-engineering graduate student Lucy goes home to visit her grandmother in Bushwick, and finds the Brooklyn neighborhood overrun by masked soldiers systematically killing everyone in sight. After a close encounter with a pair of looters, she teams up with Stupe, a gruff janitor whose battlefield medical skills, collection of firearms, and references to military tactics clearly indicate that he’s much more dangerous than he appears.

    As the pair look for Lucy’s family, they discover that the soldiers are actually an impromptu army sent by a coalition of Southern states, attempting to seize Bushwick as part of a Texas secessionist movement. If Stupe and Lucy can cross five blocks, there might be a way out — but that’s harder than it sounds.

    Okay, what’s it really about?
    In a post-film Q&A session at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, Milott and Murnion said they were inspired by an offhand comment about secession from former Texas governor Rick Perry. Bushwick imagines a literal culture war, but it seems more specifically interested in inverting the right-wing fantasy of guerrilla resistance. Instead of Americans banding together to rise up against a foreign invader, Bushwick residents must unite to defeat an enemy who thinks principles like racial tolerance make their city weak. And instead of seeing warfare as purposeful and cleansing, Stupe — a disillusioned veteran built like a mountain — feels as though he’s being drawn back into something inherently repellant.

    Plays to the far-left view that Southerners are all - (fill in the blank)

    How crap like this ever gets funded is a mystry to me - but given the recent discussion here of CWIII - thought it might be of some small interest.
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    I think I liked John Wick better.
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  3. Legion489

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    A janitor with guns in NYC. OK, Brooklyn, (whatevera), the movie already starts to stink before reading the review.

    Loved this comment!
    NorDBSM Peterson cole2 days ago
    "You could scrub out the borough sentences and still get an articulate reason why this movie got a single star. Reading comprehension is an excellent skill to acquire in life!"

    "Reading comprehension is an excellent skill to acquire in life!" How entirely true!

    For more on a civil war, or at least the South Rising Again, read AMERICAN WAR, sent in the 2070's. Pretty decent.
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    I guess the UN, the Illuminati, globalists, the Deep State, Antifa, communists, socialists, Alynskiites, Trotskyites and George Soros are relieved that attention is being distracted from them, and towards an old, re-emergent dark menacing threat from the South, (resplendent with suitable flags and rebel yells to differentiate them from the good guys.) Offended folk can blame the current presidential bromance between POTUS and Putin for this sad, unfortunate, state of affairs. At least it makes a pleasant change from the execrable 'left Behind' franchise. :rolleyes:
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    Let me get this Texas is invading Brooklyn? Are we to assume that all the states in between have been gobbled up? And, what in the world would Texas want Brooklyn for in the first place? In fact, who in their right mind, would want Brooklyn?
    I got to agree with @DKR on this one, "How crap like this ever gets funded is a mystery to me..."

    @UncleMorgan Yes, John Wick and John Wick 2 are more believable even though a stretch), interesting and certainly more entertaining.

    PS. A bit off topic: Anyone seen 'Dunkirk' yet? Comments?
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    My son, a Marine vet, saw the flick. He was impressed but said you had to pay attention. It is a multi-thread story line.

    He also said the movie experience is (will be) vastly different for combat vets (outside the wire door kickers) vs civilians.

    I found the original movie - MASH to be much the same, watching it while on TDY - example - we laughed in all the "wrong places" (seen in a city light years from any military installation).
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    I saw Dunkirk, and thought it was awesome, but it's fragmented and hard to follow due to the multiple story lines, a bit off putting, but still a great movie!
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    They ran out of picante sauce
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    I can beat a full house, 15 and one in the pipe.

    For movies , I don't trust critiques ,
    I don't trust advertising. often times they didn't pay attention in the movie they half heartily watched.
    And of course there are times I'd like to tie and gag the film editors that chop things up to time restrictions.
    Last best movie i saw was "The Valerian " kind of like "guardians of the galaxy" only better and a little longer .
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  10. Seawolf1090

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    Exactly what I thought when reading the OP.
    A very silly premise.
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    I just watched this movie last night on Netflix. It was not the best movie but I watched it and thought what would I have done differently. At one point the main character Stupe has to cauterize a wound. I will have to look up to see if that was done properly. Then the girl gets her ring finger shot off and asks, "what am I going to do when I get married?" [LMAO] Truthfully I can see some college students saying the same thing.

    They tried to take Brooklyn because guns are illegal there and the invaders did not expect people to be so well armed.

    I would like others to watch the movie and we can pick it apart.
    IMO those reviews are slanted and dishonest.
    Stupe had 2 pistols and was extremely out of shape because he was always out of breath. I kept questioning if a real former military man would have continued to deal with the girl or would they have left her at her Grandma's house.
  12. Bandit99

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    @arleigh "Last best movie i saw was "The Valerian " kind of like "guardians of the galaxy" only better and a little longer ."

    The wife and I recently rented that (specifically because I remember your critique) and we really enjoyed it! And, yes, much better than the 2nd 'Guardians of the Galaxy' (or was it the 3rd?, Anyway, didn't care for it...) but Luc Besson really seems to know how to write and direct a very entertaining script and film.

    I will keep a watch out for 'Bushwick' in DVD...but haven't see it as yet. DVDs are our only option, don't have the internet to support Netflicks streams as only get 20GB via satellite.
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  13. OldDude49

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    Saw it... it's a movie... enjoyable but like most movies... there are credibility issues....
  14. JLRhiner

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    My opinion, it is a fluff piece to make the alt-left feel good about themselves. Right-wing "patriots" involved in a secessionist movement attempt to seize "Bushwick" in order to force the Federal government to recognize them. But the area is rife with gangs with guns and the SJW rally together to stop it. A fantasy ANTIFA piece that would never happen.

    Other than that, a good action flick.
  15. Seawolf1090

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    I'll stick with more logical and better thought out post-apoc. flicks, like...... "Demolition Man". :D
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