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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Tango3, Jan 13, 2007.

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    Our local range is shutdown until may so I took my "new " no 4. 303 enfield("nigel"?)and went out to a local public hunting area. Set up an expediant target holder (Only) around 25 yards or so out; due to lack of a suitable backstop, I found a gulley and shot downward from the atv trail. Only brought 1 box Gun performed fine, cases were in great shape( no headspace problems)fixed military sights were` close enough ( mom: minute of man...)My shooting needs work, but i was"fighting " a flinch from my very first round prone, I crawled up on the stock and popped myself in the nose with my right thumb, nothing bad but enough to cause me a slight problem holding. I'll improve with more rounds.The .303 /180grn has some snort (prone,) kneeling or standing its pretty comfortableand more of a push.overall I'm very happy with the gun...
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    I have had several of the .303 Brit. I liked them, the 1st one that I had was very accurate (for a used, almost abused) rifle. Never felt bad about it riding in the truck all the time. Killed a deer or two with it, taught a lot of people about heavier cals too. Most were .22 shooters with litttle exp.with anything larger. The mil stock has enough weight to lessen the recoil. Hate the flinch thing. Sold my .300 mag after cutting my eye with the scope, got the scar, wife wouldn't stitch it up. :cry: Besides that I am only good out to about 600 yards, traded it off actually part of that was an SKS. Got 2 of dem now. snowbyrd
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    Sounds good Tango. Hope you and Nigel have more good adventures together.
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    I'm not a recoil pig either , cut myself with a scoped .270 once ( and they are supposed to be light recoiling ). 300 win mag is a brute. Friend had a .338 for elk, muzzleblast would suck the wind outta spectators (just nuts). Gotta' get a rockchucker off ebay if I'm gonna feed the .303...
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    Recoil amount depends upon the platform. My .300 Win Mag kicks a lot less than my .270. My wife has shot my .300 Win Mag numerous times with no problem, and she is a very small lady.

    Thanks for the range report, it looks like Nigel will serve you well. I hope to pick up some vintage miolitary bolt actions in the future. Keep shooting.
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