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    ** starting in general discussion, will move to politics/ headlines in a day or so.

    North Korea- I ask myself, what is going on? It has been a strange last few days in the political world. We fire missiles at Syria and then start moving ships near North Korea. We have a President warning another leader and China moving troops. I know enough to not believe the MSM 100% but there are tensions rising and I am growing concerned.

    Last night I read the news:
    North Korea nuclear site 'primed and ready' as Kim prepares to throw down gauntlet to US

    Kim Jong Un has always struck me as unstable. It seemed that when world events would take off in other areas, he would start "saber-rattling". This has been going on for years so why has the President decided to move ships? Why has China sent troops to the border of North Korea? We know that Trump and China just had dinner together last weekend, did they decide that it was time to take out the Menace of North Korea, as Trump referred to him as in a tweet. Some say North Korea has the capability to shot a missile to our west coast. I have been reading lots of speculations on-line but searching for what is really going on.
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    The fat boy is unstable, if we do nothing, he will think he has won, there may be no winner here but we don't want to be the loser. I am surprised that China is moving troops, but now that they have, I would not be surprised if all or part of NK's natural resources have been promised to China, or perhaps only the province (s) with the coal. It's a very interesting time, I am not worried about NK being able to deliver a nuke, at least not today, perhaps in 3+ years, however if I lived in the South, my pucker factor would increase...

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    One more useless set of opinions offered up for picking, dissecting and shmoosing underfoot. Remember, you asked, and also please remember while reading the below that there is no more knowledge in it than the MSM has on hand to gin up speculation and guessing.--

    I've paid a bit of attention to what comes out of NK over the years. The fat boy with the bad haircut is not his grandfather's caliber of despot, nor his daddy's. Aside what appears to be mental instability, he's trying to play who's is biggest with really big boys, and losing. That losing face is anathema in Asia, so he's been rattling his dinner knives to show what he's made of. One thing I am sure of, is that if he pulls a dunderhead and sends a warhead that by some miracle actually detonates outside his national boundaries, there will be a surgical strike that takes him out of the picture. There will be collateral damage, hopefully very limited. With him out of the way, the door to NK will be wide open for aid to flow from the US, China, or some other unknown (at this point) player to get the population out of the poverty it has been in for 50 odd years; that will create some gratitude and loyalty, as well as exposing the lies the population has been forced to swallow. (They also have alternative news from various underground sources, we do NOT know if they believe that the west, specifically the US, is not the bad guy that the the Kims have been telling them.)

    Guessing still further, China is sealing their NK border, getting tired of taking care of NK refugees, hence the military move. Also (more guessing) to be ready to waltz in and provide "relief" in the form of governmental and administrative controls if the fat boy is taken out. I expect they think he's about to pull the dunderhead and want to be ready. Along with that, we are doing something similar along the 38th parallel for similar reasons. I'd rather imagine that when those two forces meet, there will be a new border established between a united Korea (with a loss of territory to) and China. China is no more interested in war with the west than we are with bumping heads with Xi and company. Another guess, Xi and Donnie are in strategic agreement after that meeting, but a lot of details were left to later and lower level discussions.

    Sending that carrier task force back to Korean waters is, methinks, silly and to an extent a waste of fuel, and at best rattling of the (substantially larger and more expensive) dinner ware. One sub, just one, will do rather well to do the surgical removal of the fat boy. I have to admit that it may also serve as something of a flag to China that there will be some consequences to crossing the Yalu without prior discussions.
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    NorKor is the gateway, the powder keg, the excuse, the plausible deniability to make war, the scapegoat, and the very obvious reason to send Americans off to die to appease the banking cartel, just the same as Iran or Syria, Afghanistan, or Iraq are. The two juggernauts in this game are Russia and China --and the stage is set for war.

    It's only a matter of time. (keep a close eye on Israel)
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    I'm in pretty much lock step agreement with your assessment. The Carrier task force serves at least two purposes - A final warning to Fat Elvis to see if he will back down before China and the US pull him into one sided negotiations, but primarily a diversion as are the recent headlines like "SEALS training to take out Kim Cheese" that have been going around. Kim's removal IMO is imminent and the ability to remove him has been within our reach for a long time. The US won't take him out; China will as it will bolster their image and increase the marketability of their products at a time where their economy is failing.

    There are also likely trade issues negotiated during the Trump-Xi meeting involved in the decision along with how the Korean transition will take place. Also likely trade restrictions on the unified Korea to lessen their economic competition with China. Fat Elvis is too out of control and effective nukes are within his reach. He has to go before he can use them, and North Korea's value as a pawn to China is no longer of value.
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    Turn off MSM and the like and give One America News a try. Reminds me of the older BBC I listened to as a kid before they went with a left twist to everything.

    I think it's more to reassure the Japanese than anything else. Agree with the rest of yer post 100%
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    Gotta say, I don't see it that way. The US has the ability to do surgery, the Chinese would not be quite as delicate; the collateral damage would do them no good in the eyes of the rest of the world. They would be a LOT happier if we take the heat. TBH, I'd be a whole lot happier if the fat idiot is removed by someone/something internal (other than disaffected military) and that, before he does the dunderhead.
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    Other headlines that I have been seeing:
    Russia's Pacific Fleet flagship Varyag arrives at South Korea port of Pusan
    Russia's Pacific Fleet flagship Varyag arrives at South Korea port of Pusan

    Kim Jong-Un ‘orders IMMEDIATE EVACUATION of Pyongyang’ as tensions with US escalate Kim Jong-Un ‘orders IMMEDIATE EVACUATION of Pyongyang’ as tensions with US escalate

    We have NK missile sites look like they are being readied, we have a city being evacuated. Whether all this is true, don't know because the chatter in NK has gone silent. I recall last year Putin warned NK. Putin has been the one stepping in around the world showing some muscle, whether good or bad, he did.

    I read a speculation that China moved their troops to the NK border because currently NK serves as a buffer between China and the heavily American occupied South Korea.

    Who is provoking who?
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    Thought here is... China is moving troops... why?

    2 possible reasons... take out the fat kid... defend NK and the fat kid?
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    USMC 8541 M40 fat kid 1 shot over
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    [​IMG]s could fly ;)
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    I'm gonna go with ghrit on this one and offer MY observations as just another thought with no real proof to back them!
    It's not uncommon for America to move a carrier group into/through these waters BUT, what is unusual ( and I have no hard proof here) is the Navy/Marines moving an entire Battle Group ( Task Force ) into those waters. IF a full battle group is formed up and moving, All bets are off and we can expect major actions in the coming days, however, I offer another thought, Navy/Marines positioned off shore to evac U.S. personal from the peninsula as well as supporting of Ops by who ever is going to do them. I Have seen increases in A.F. Ops on the Wet Coast, specifically a ramping up of flight ops of the Interceptor Wings ( Yankee Star Bases ) as well as large movements of Heavy Rotor Wing Squadrons along the Wet Coast, and sitting in traffic the other day, I saw two full convoy's of anti aircraft and associated assets being moved north ward along the I-5!!! Interestingly, I also saw wheeled movement ( Vs. Rail) of large transports and wheeled armor moving out toward the Orygun Coast ( Camp Rilea? ) this says we are expecting some shooting!!! The Anti assets I saw could be capable of bringing down a Ballistic Bird as well as conventional airborn threats, so I would say things are escalating to a WAR FOOTING sooner then later.
    AGAIN, these are just my observations, and based on what I know of the military tactics and equipment used for various things, I think it likely we are headed for a shooting war soon! As to what and who and the how, I can only guess, but I see China risking an awful lot if they take any actions other then to protect them selves, and Japan needs to be VERY careful now that they are once again operating a Real Military!
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    Also you don't see the subs that are there we my just be getting our ship back that they have
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    178,000 troops is enough to station one every 25 feet along the China/NK border. I don't think they are there to keep out refugees. I am in hopes that we and China rid the world of the fat fool and China takes over NK as a province and promises to leave SK alone. Then perhaps we can remove our troops that have been there for decades. Wishful thinking I guess. Trump sent the Fat Boy one last warning today.

    The "Mother of All Bombs".
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    Other than the missile sites and the nuclear facilities there is nothing of value in all of NK except liberation of the people and they may not be to receptive due to fear
    But truckloads of food will calm the fear over time
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    NationStates | Dispatch | KV420 FEaster Weekend Covert Ops Strike #bestkorea

    KV420 FEaster Weekend Covert Ops Strike #bestkorea
    From: KV420 Ministry of Memetic Warfare
    To: Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin
    CC: Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, John Mcafee, Alex Jones, Ron Paul
    Subject:oops:peration Bum-Stab Update
    Shadilay My Dudes,

    Greetings and salutations from the Modhurrrator oppressed Nation State of KV420, we hope this Dispatch finds you well. As per our previous talks, we have successfully infiltrated #bestkorea and are in position to butt stab their Glorious Feeder at any time. Due to the proximity of FEaster Weekend and in following with Kekistani customs, I have sent my only Korean son Agent 420 and his 3 best paintball friends to ensure operational success. Should his Dank die tomorrow, we have absolute faith that he will Meme from the grave again in 3 days.

    May Kek be with you,


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    You can get a really accurate dailey intelligence brief by registering at
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    I enjoy the nightwatch briefs myself. We subscribe.
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    The first casualty of war is the truth, nobody will tell us what is going on because lives are at stake. Lots of baseless rumors from all quarters, foreign and domestic. Watch the Market, as big money has connections, big swings can telegraph military action before it takes place. Market down today, so could be a good night to hunker in the bunker. Take care!
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    I gotta be the contrarian here. China will take out fat boy before we do. China will not tolerate a US puppet government on their border, so if they are convinced we are going to take some action that could make that happen, they will act.
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