North Korean Propaganda Video BS

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    Alleged North Korean propaganda video: ‘This is how Americans live today’ | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News

    I find this the norm for as I once saw and experienced this is what CHINA did in the early 80s.

    Flash back to those good old days, good for me anyway.

    A ship arrives at a Shipyard, US, in the South. The hammer and sickle was most RED on the YELLOW smoke stack and one sight I had only seen at a distance in Nam, usually sinking below the waves as the Recon Teams and Seals made sure all them bad old AK47s were under 300 feet of water or more. Otherwise the Gooks would come back and dive till they recovered what ever had been shipped south from the Hanoi docks.

    The story from the China Crew was that all the cars and trucks in the parking lot were a staged set, nobody could be that rich that some scummy "Yard Bird" of a Yankee worker could own more than a Bicycle.

    Later that day, as the crew was allowed to walk to the front gate and exercise in the muddy yard I made a circle to the front gate and waved to the Top Dog of the crew, this as I drove off in my new Ford Truck.

    Some things never change.
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