NSA Planting Malware on Components

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Silversnake, Jan 2, 2014.

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    Shipping companies largely silent on NSA interceptions | The Daily Caller

    Summary, if an identified surveillance target of the NSA orders electronic components, the NSA may have the shipping company (FedEx, UPS) redirect the package to an NSA workshop where the NSA will install malware or hardware to facilitate their spying on the target. The package is then inserted back into the shipping system to the target.

    Any thoughts from the resident techies? Countermeasures? (Besides don't become a target)
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    Don't buy online? Buy in person with cash.
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    Trash the Hard Drive before you even apply power to the Box, and install a completely New one, bought locally. If it is a BIOS booted machine Rip out the BIOS, and replace it with a Known Unmolested one. If it is a Mac, do Fingerprint of the BootROM, and then compare that, to the Published Fingerprint from Apple, for that series Machine. If they are different then take it to the Genius Desk and have them replace the Box from local Stock., or buy it from local Stock in the first Place.
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    No need to trash a perfectly good hard-drive...install the pristine hard-drive in an old clunker and donate the computer to charity....the NSA will be collecting all the chilli-gumbo recipes that they could ever want from Pinterest! [hrt]

    Edit: Removing the infected hard-drive and trashing it will only create the kind of silence that might make the NSA suspicious, when traffic of some kind is to be expected. Better that some innocuous traffic be monitored to keep the NSA happy and busy, than that stone silence drive the NSA to greater efforts to eavesdrop on your radical opinions concerning park benches at the Dull Men's Club Forum....

    Joys of Park Benches – – caught on video
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    I seem to recall certain members of this forum sayin things like:
    "There isn't enough bandwidth to spy on our calls and web-traffic..." (pre-snowden)
    Anyway...told ya so.

    30c3: To Protect And Infect, Part 2

    Shopping for Spy Gear: Catalog Advertises NSA Toolbox
    Catalog Reveals NSA Has Back Doors for Numerous Devices - SPIEGEL ONLINE

    Sorry for letting them snoop? Dell apologizes for ‘inconvenience’ caused by NSA backdoor
    Sorry for letting them snoop? Dell apologizes for ‘inconvenience’ caused by NSA backdoor — RT USA

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  7. BTPost

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    Funny, after reading the above, NO WHERE does it refer to Bandwidth..... National, Worldwide, of Local..... so back
    to your [BSf] claims.....
  8. Mindgrinder

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    Are All Telephone Calls Recorded? | Page 2 | Survival Monkey Forums

  9. BTPost

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    No, MG... in the article YOUR Posted... No mention of Bandwidth, ANYWHERE...
  10. Mindgrinder

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    Anyway...my point was pretty straight forward. It's in the firmware, it's built into almost all the networks, HD's, sims, routers on and on and on. I told you guys this pre-snowden and you pointed and laughed and called me a tinfoil hatter. You denied it was possible due to "bandwidth limitations" and it's not, and has not been for a very long time - if ever.
  11. Mindgrinder

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    The bandwidth comment was directed at some of the folks on here who were saying that what the NSA is doing wasn't possible. (pre-snowden). You were living in denial and I'm fully justified in telling you "I told you so." cuz i did. And you rejected my information just cuz you don't like my personality. (and that's fine - but folly). Now you're just nit-picking. Watch the video I posted - you'll learn something.
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    You are spouting BS Facts, that you have not established, with documentation, to make your point... I find that BS .... and call it so....
  13. Mindgrinder

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    Watch the video and contact the presenter if you want access to the FOIA documents.
    Heck - help him out and request some yourself!
    Join a Pirate Party forum and request some documentation if you want 50,000 pages of stuff you'll likely never read. At the end of the day, it was your country, your government, your military that has been illegally harvesting data for political and economic advantage over the rest of the world under the lie of "National Security". NSA spys on foreign corporations and steals patented technology same as the Chinese do to you. I wouldn't be surprised if the Chinese spy on you with technology that your government gave them....kinda like the Soviet nuke program when you were a kid.
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