Obama’s College Classmate: ‘The Obama Scandal Is at Columbia’

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Quigley_Sharps, Aug 7, 2012.

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    Obama’s College Classmate: ‘The Obama Scandal Is at Columbia’

    A snippet-

    I am President Obama’s classmate at Columbia University, Class of ’83. I am also one of the most accurate Las Vegas oddsmakers and prognosticators. Accurate enough that I was awarded my own star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. And I smell something rotten in Denmark. Obama has a big skeleton in his closet. It’s his college records. Call it “gut instinct” but my gut is almost always right. Obama has a secret hidden at Columbia- and it’s a bad one that threatens to bring down his presidency. Gut instinct is how I’ve made my living for 29 years since graduating Columbia.


    If anyone should have questions about Obama’s record at Columbia University, it’s me. We both graduated (according to Obama) Columbia University, Class of ’83. We were both (according to Obama) Pre-Law and Political Science majors. And I thought I knew most everyone at Columbia. I certainly thought I’d heard of all of my fellow Political Science majors. But not Obama (or as he was known then- Barry Soetoro). I never met him. Never saw him. Never even heard of him. And none of the classmates that I knew at Columbia have ever met him, saw him, or heard of him.


    Romney should call a press conference and issue a challenge in front of the nation. He should agree to release more of his tax returns, only if Obama unseals his college records. Simple and straight-forward. Mitt should ask “What could possibly be so embarrassing in your college records from 29 years ago that you are afraid to let America’s voters see? If it’s THAT bad, maybe it’s something the voters ought to see.” Suddenly the tables are turned. Now Obama is on the defensive.

    My bet is that Obama will never unseal his records because they contain information that could destroy his chances for re-election. Once this challenge is made public, my prediction is you’ll never hear about Mitt’s tax returns ever again.


    IT'S WORTH THE READ!!!!!!!!
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    Quigley, I agree with you on the college records issue. Had a great time reading Michelle's college thesis, would love to read his. However, I have the nagging thought of how you can be born in Hawaii and receive a Conneticut SS#. I'm a military brat, was born/stationed 8 years overseas (on a base, both parents American), when I was 12, we were stationed in Indiana where I received my handy dandy SS#. Kinda left wondering how he got his?? Don't believe either of his parents signed up for Let the US Military Show You the World Tour...which I might add, can't be what they show on the brochures.....
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    From my research into the Social Security Administration they never reuse an SSN, and the number given as Zeros was issued to someone else before.

    The more I see, the more the Manchurian Candidate theory gains traction.
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    "Manchurian Candidate".... I'll say itas I believe it - barack hussein obama is a foreign-born comunist-inspired criminal illegal alien propped up by the Power Elite of the US and foreign interests, for the purpose of destroying our economy to make it easier to bring the USA into the One World Order subservient to the UN.
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    What SEA said...!
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