Obama meets his Nemesis....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tacmotusn, May 4, 2012.

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    I did not write the following. It came to me in an email. It is an interesting take on Obama. One can only hope that it comes true in it's entirety. I really dislike this pompus ass. In my best case scenerio, as Obama finally see the truth, and his failure, he snaps, ..... downs a bottle of fine whitehouse brandy, runs himself a very warm bath, climbs into the tub, swallows a handful of sleeping pills, takes a straight razor and cuts his wrists deeply in line with the arm, and slips below the water in deep sleep. End of story, bring down the curtain.
    Here is the article....
    As the Greeks saw it, “nemesis” was an abstract force (personified by the goddess of divine justice of the same name) aimed directly at the destruction of a single individual. It is nemesis that brings down the heroes of the tragedies. A force that builds up over years, inescapable, inevitable, and in large part created by the hero’s own actions. Nemesis is very much the Western equivalent of karma. It is a form of divine payback, which, we are told, is a bitch.
    Nemesis is what is taking down Barack Obama. Not politics as such, not the actions of his opponents — at least not yet — not any disaster or setback in the world as a whole. Obama is in the process of being ablated as the result of his own actions, born from his own personal flaws. There’s a certain type of personality that constructs a life out of the nurturing and protecting its own failings rather than attempting to resolve or overcome them. This is the only formula that is required to understand Barack Obama.
    For close to four years, I’ve been arguing that Obama’s actions as president — actions taken in defiance of law; of American tradition; of the realities of current condition; and, not the least, of the American people — would, in his final months, take him down. That was my prophecy, vouchsafed unto me in the seventh house during the seventh hour of the seventh day, and behold, it is coming to pass exactly as foretold.
    Nobody acts with the arrogance of an Obama without paying for it. In the ancient dramas, it was called hubris. (A lot of debate exists as to how that word was actually pronounced, there being no “u” sound in ancient Greek. Some say it’s an “ee” sound; some say a “y.”) The hero apes the gods; begins to view himself as more than human, beyond the laws that prevail even on Olympus; and the machinery of fate starts grinding. And once that machinery goes into motion, it doesn’t stop until its victim has been reduced to dust.
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    I do so dearly hope we get to see this play out, and the 'presidential' puppet gets his strings cut bigtime........ [monkeyeating]
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    I'd like to see his main Puppeteer recieve his divine justice!!!
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    Depends on the Sheeple. If they are awake the country has a chance.
    I would like to see him and his crew on a pike.
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    I always liked Icarus who, in his hubris, flew too close to the sun which melted the wax on his wings so that he fell into the ocean.

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    0bama's nemesis is truth. Judging by his campaign so far, 0bama will do anything to avoid the truth.
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    I just wonder who is going to do the vote counting--that is the problem.
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    La Raza and the New Black Panthers...
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    Supported by wnatever the ACORN dweebs renamed themselves.....

    I wish a long life for obama...... in absolute misery and poverty, his name a curse on the lips of all Americans, and him bedeviled by Furies, Nemesis, and the memories of all those he cheated, bilked and caused hardship for over the years of his abomination of a misadministration!
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