"Obots" verified on patriot sites

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    disinformation or intel gathering? Patriot site finds users with multiple logons and suspicious I.Ps.

    Snopes.com neighborhood Obot caught snooping again


    by John Charlton
    (Nov. 3, 2009) — In response to the report by The Post & Email, “Are Obots snooping on you?”, Davy Crockett of Oil For Immigration caught the same individual using 8 different niks to post at his patriotic site. Mr. Crockett writes:
    After running a quick scan I found that also we were and are being visited the Obot(s) mentioned. I found several names connected to It seems that the Obot(s) is using a number of aliases and given that an alias cannot be considered private information here the list:
    Karsten Shrubs

    The frequency of the name changes, of itself, indicates that this Obot has a bad conscience and knows that he/she is up to a dishonest endeavor; it is obviously an attempt to spread views while hiding their common source. One can honestly ask how it is that such a prolific Obot just happens to use an IP near Snopes.com HQ ?
    The asterisk indicates one nik which this Obot used at The Post & Email, the other is Amalgam. The comments of Davy Crockett’s post name another Obot visiting The Post & Email from Florida.
    The Post & Email welcomes the suggestion that Davy Crockett makes in his post:
    I would suggest working out procedures such that the various Christian Patriot Blogs share information in order to establish an effective defense mechanism.
    And asks patriots to suggest methods of implementation. One method is to save the messages of Obots which are normally left at your blog, so that you can create a database of who is saying what. This would help filter out Obots who use diferent niks and enable the creation of a database of Obot operatives on the net, that could be shared between Patiot sites of solid reputation.
    In related news, an Internet group formed to attack Glen Beck has ties to Van Jones.
    Just more evidence that Obama has active agents spreading disinformation on the Net, under the guise of grass-roots organizations and common citizens.
    The question of the day is: “Who is paying them and where is the money coming from?

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    First of all, every political party has its fair share of clones who will stop at nothing to spread party influence and propaganda.

    Each person is like a sponge; they absorb the data around them and release it into every forum, blog, and message system on the web. They don't have to be paid. The political zombies are like robots.
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