Oh deer! Man cops wrath of amorous stag

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    SYDNEY (Reuters) - An Australian man was gored in the thigh on Friday by an amorous stag after entering a deer paddock in the middle of the breeding season.

    The 26-year-old worker at the tourist farm near Sydney ignored signs on the paddock gate warning people to keep out and was charged by the stag, the husband of the farm's owner told Reuters.

    "It was the middle of the rut (breeding season), that is why the animal was acting like it did," Barry Hibbard told Reuters.

    The man, who was apparently trying to feed some grass cuttings to the deer, was taken to hospital after the incident and is expected to be sent home later on Friday, Hibbard said.

    Hibbard said the animal was usually very docile, but did not take kindly to the intrusion of another male into its territory.

    "He had six or seven girlfriends, you can imagine he would be protective in those circumstances," Hibbard said.

    "I know I would be if I was that lucky."

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    the guy that got gored was an idiot to say the least, but that line is funny!!!
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