Only 40% of Brits have no comes the science

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    I'm lacking understanding of the cultural signifigance behind this.

    Myself, I find red hair appealing and aesthetic on a woman. Then again, there isn't much about women that I don't find appealing.

    If a couple get tested to see if they will produce MORE redheads, what's bad about that?

    Unless for some really unfathomable reason they don't want a redhead and decide to abort their baby because of it, well, that's so wrong I can't put it to words.

    Like destroying art; a loss to everybody who appreciates it.

    The linked article doesn't have enough pictures for me.
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    "Carrying the gene" almost sounds as if the article is about dog breeding. So ditto, the article needed more pictures.

    Fortunately in both the literal and figurative sense, the only picture wasn't of a dog.
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    I was a pretty quiet kid when I was in elementary school, happiest with a book and a room to myself. However, it seemed as if a day did not go by in third grade that I got paddled. Whether it was for not raising my hand, interrupting, talking out of turn, whatever, my teacher seemed to have it in for me. So much so, that finally my parents wound up in the principal's office with me one day, wanting to understand why their normally reclusive child was such a holy terror in class. Her explanation? My red hair indicated I was devil spawn and therefore she had to keep an extra sharp hand with me lest I go astray.

    Some people have a of weird ideas about redheads.... and people who say we all have a temper? Well they would too if they'd put up with all the horse$(#* we did about our hair growing up. I hated it so much by the time I was 10 that I tried to bleach it with Clorox. Now, go figure, women spend a fortune trying to be fake redheads.
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    Some superstitions are hard to eradicate....was she a Southern Baptist?


    What relevance is the thread title to the content of the linked article in the opening post? Are you asserting that redheads in Britain have no souls?
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    Did that teacher happen to be left handed? They used to believe that left handed people were touched by the Devil, that is why nuns would smack your fingers if they caught you writing left handed ( to drive out the Devil's influence) . Maybe SHE was touched... besides, I have always found redheads very attractive. Still do. :D
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    Southern Stupid, Southwest Division I believe. One of the fastest growing denominations in the country from the looks of things.

    Too many years to remember which hand held the paddle. :D

    It all turned out ok though. I lived to see red hair become popular, and she's since gone to live with my dad. [reddevil]
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    Your dad? That, with the gif could be taken several ways....should I list some. or would you prefer to clarify? ;)
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    It's not funny when I have to explain dude.
    She said I was sired by Satan.... now she's dead.... living with dear old dad...
    It's ok, the Mr. didn't get it either.
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    If I ever had kids and if I ever had the misfortune of sending them to school and if they were hit by a teacher...oh they had better be prepared to explain themselves to a baseball bat.

    I love redheads. [winkthumb]
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    That was one of the possibilities that came to mind, but I didn't wish to insult by mistake.;)
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    By the way, it is a misconception that redheads have no souls. Quite the opposite actually, as we are prone to stealing the souls of others and therefore often run a surplus of the useless things. I'm considering selling a backlog on Ebay now actually, but suspect they wouldn't afford me the cost of two 16 oz sodas in NYC.
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    Could it beee....Santa?;)
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