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    If you aren't aware of it... OpenOffice is a collection of applications that is about the same if not better than the current version of Microsoft's Office suite.

    MS Office cost me about $600 in 2003 and OpenOffice is free. Completely free and downloadable. It can read and save as MS Word docs, Excel Spreadsheets, and Power Point presentations. I started using it a few months back and have forgotten about Office altogether. Just switched the other machines over to OO as well. 91 MB dwnload

    On a side note, MS Office 2003 used around 500 MB of HD space, Oo uses about 200 MB and is contained in ONE folder, Not scattered all around your sys like MS likes to do. I actually run mine off of a 2 GB USB drive, along with Firefox and Thunderbird. The version Of Oo I use is at (64 MB download)

    Give it a shot. I bet you'll never fork out the $$ for a new version of Office again
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    I've been using it for 10 forevers.... ;)

    Love it!

    Seriously, I really do like it...and I especially like the cost...(nothing) and how much less room it takes up...

    I believe I even mentioned it to someone on here one time...about the ease of use.....:D
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    I know a guy that swears by it as well. I have a copy of it and just haven't gotten around to installing it. Will uninstall Word when I have the chance and install this office one. I do need the space. :D

    Anyone know of a good free program to replace Windows? :D
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    Hehe... I'm running DamnSmallLinux off my USB stick right now as well...
    New version of DSL has an imbedded version that will run as a VM within windows.

    Cool stuff. I pull this USB out and it's like I've never been on this machine hga
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    Ubuntu would be my first suggestion. I'm using it now. I love it. I also use it at work. The whole OS fits on one CD (not DVD!) but I only recommend this route if you have broadband connectivity because instead of installing a bunch of crap you don't need, it gives you a functional basic system and then you check off a bunch of boxes on a list of other stuff you want and it gets downloaded off the internet and installed. It's oodles more stable and secure than Windows. And if you ask me, it's easier to use as well. I converted from Windows to UNIX about 9 years ago and haven't looked back.

    Aside from Linux, there are quite a number of other alternative operating systems. The vast majority of them have a UNIX flavor or pedigree, so once you learn Linux it is pretty painless to go from that to FreeBSD or one of the other alternative operating systems.
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