Oregon Private Gun Sales Explained Sb 941 2016 version.

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Salted Weapon, Jul 17, 2016.

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    If you live in Oregon then you know about 2015's SB 941 that banned the private sales and transfers to anyone other then family or in some circumstances borrowing and usage.
    I can't by law explain how one could by pass SB941 and I think that would also violate the sites rules.
    Our local County Sheriff as well as some in Oregon wont enforce the laws if a person does private sales. I am not addressing that either.

    However if one would like to understand hypothetically how the law works and fails I am here to help.
    This is not legal or moral advise !!
    August 1 2015 any private sale after that date was to require a FFL transfer the date SB941 went into affect.

    If a person bought a firearm prior to 8/1/2015 new from a a FFL or the gun was manufactured prior and sold to that date and if a private sale were to occur privately without an FFL after 8/1/2015 after that date it would not be traceable as by records it showed a old sale and if a person bought that firearm with out a FFL after 8/1/2016 there would be no record. As to the actual date the item was sold to a private person and could be said to have occurred prior to 8/1/2015.

    Hypothetical Example: Tom buys a new Ak-47 from a store in February 2015 before the SB941 became law. He then decides to sell it to a private person after 8/1/2015 when the law was enacted and sell it to Bill.
    Bill doesn't want to do a transfer at a FFL and just do a private sale. If he does this and goes on his merry way Bill would only have to say he got the firearm prior to 8/1/2016 since the only record of sale existed at a FFL prior to SB941, some even have been said to get a pre-SB941 bill of sale with non accurate dates. ( obey the law do not by pass the law ). It would also mean any private sales done for years on older firearms that have not been purchased in recent years for sometime would never show a sale date, and transfers not be seen by any store, firearms like old Marlin 60's and SKS may have been bought 20 years ago and passed hand to hand privately these would show no sale date other then what Bill hypothetically chose to say he bought it.

    How ever Hypothetical if Tom bought a Firearms on 9/1/2015 from a store new after 8/1/2015 there would be a record the firearm was sold and kept at the OSP for a short time after SB941 went into affect. Means that if the serial numbers were ever checked it would show this gun was sold after the law went into affect and there would be a huge problem on a private sale.

    Oregon Democrats are working to add more time that records on sales are kept in the OSP database a sort of registry in another words. This mean sales would be held longer, many FFL's hold sales a very long time as well so important obey the laws.

    SB941 does not apply to me, that is my personal choice and I encourage all reader to obey the law.
    This post was for entertainment purposes only and is not legal advise or advising people to bypass any laws. It is illegal in Oregon to do a private sale without an FFL any other types of transfers a person does at there own risk. The above information was to help others understand the process. It is also illegal to speed on the highways, or cheat on Taxes . That should cover it.

    Prior to SB941 I only did private sales with Conceal Carry holders. I guess if SB941 did not exist and a person did a private sale today hypothetically they could use that system to avoid a sale going into the wrong hands.
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    Good post. Well worth remembering people! The demonrats will not rest until only THEY have all the guns! Why not pass laws that keep guns out of the hands of criminals instead of law abiding citizens?

    Since the Spelling Nazi here either hasn't seen this yet or hasn't caught it. I thought I would save them the trouble and correct it myself.

    "Bill doesn't want to do a transfer at a FFL and just do a private sale. If he does this and goes on his marry way Bill would only have to say he got the firearm prior to 8/1/2016 since the only record of sale existed"

    That would be "merry", meaning happy, not "marry" meaning getting hitched. Since the Spelling Nazi (actually more of a Stalinist, but why quibble?) will be along shortly to check what I said, and probably pull my post, better read it while you can.
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    I keep hoping someone will bring up the data on violent felons in the congress. 70 percent of violent felons self identify as Democrats. Less than ten percent self identify as Republicans. So, at a minimum, no one who is registered as a Democrat should be allowed to own any weapon. Let's see how excited Democrats are about gun control done right.
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    I'm willing to bet that there are a large number of folks that are, well, blissfully ignorant of SB941 and go on with FTF sales as per the past. Considering the number of BGC's reported by the state of Oregon for private sales, I just don't see that the new law is doing much. I can look at the number of listings on various sites and it adds up to far more in numbers than the reported private transfers. Yeah, I think a lot of folks are going about business as usual and giving Salem the middle finger.
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    I can say that SB941 has not applied to any of my dealings. :whistle:
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  6. chimo

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    My only comment on these laws is that government has no power to infringe upon my unalienable rights unless I either consent for them to do so, or they do so by force...I do not consent, thus these laws are null and void and if you want me to obey them, you're gonna have to do so by force.

    Luckily I don't live in the commie state of Oregon.
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    Open forum, guys.. It is an open forum. Be discrete and don't allow yourself to become a target.

    That said, SB 941 was bad law then and it is bad law now. Besides, it is in conflict with Oregon's Bill of Rights, Article 1; Section 27 which addresses the right to bear arms. These rights are stated in the Bill of Rights of Oregon's Constitution as being Natural Rights Inherent in People. Infringement of this right in any manner violates this specific and unique principle of Freedom to self defense.
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  8. Salted Weapon

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    You are right DR, too bad I lost all my gun in a tragic boat accident so SB941 has not applied to any of my dealings. :whistle::whistle:

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