Patriotic counter protest at LSU for flag burning

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gator 45/70, May 11, 2011.

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    I'm very heartened to see so many young people showing solidarity for the nation. There is hope after all. Real hope, not the Chicago Gangster variety....... [beer]
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    It was a very good thing to see.
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    This as i understand it..was today...
    To bad the police were there to save him...
    I hear the Mississippi is running very fast...
    Plenty of the one finger L.S.U.salute's for the little dweeb...ccc
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    Remember the original LSU flag burner was trying to protest the killing of OBL by stealing a war memorial flag and burning it. This poor schmuck being overwhelmed and saved by cops is a guy trying to show solidarity with the original douche bag.

    Solidarity for what? Vandalism is vandalism. The fact that it was a war memorial flag only adds insult to injury. That is what the kids are pissed about. Whatever statement or message the second burning was supposed to have was completely lost in disrespect showed in the original act.

    I guess as it turns out, douche bag #1 and #2 is in the minority.

    It reminds me of an anti-war protest I saw at my university in 2003. It was organized and talked about for about a month in advance. On the day of, everyone was curious to see how it would turn out. We watched about 30 hippy losers walk across the campus with signs. After the 20 minute ordeal, everyone sat back down and class continued.
  6. UGRev

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    we need to step back and examine this for a second. But let me preface this with one thing. I am NO supporter of burning our beloved flag. A flag that many in family have fought for.

    That being said, EVERYONE there that prevented him from exercising his freedom of speech is a hypocrite of the highest order. While chanting USA, USA, I assume one supports the freedoms that our country is founded upon, and yet preventing him from expressing his views, no matter how vile, show's a gross mis-understanding of what our freedoms are.

    Until burning our flag is made illegal, and it should be, we have to support those freedoms or we just end up being like them. Petty, vile, scumbags.
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    I don't disagree with you, but I wouldn't host a one Jew stand during a clan rally either. Not the smartest thing to do just after someone vandalized a war memorial in the same way. Natural selection maybe??

    I guess the same could be said for the funeral protesters from the fake Baptist church? Where do we draw a line? My personal opinion is a funeral is a personal, private event. It's not really the same situation, but relevant to the free speech debate. My other personal beliefs are that US flag burning should be illegal and no local ordinance should ban the proper flying of a US flag. To me that flag means more than what the local HOA thinks about protecting property values (to me, it adds value).

    Simply put, there are better ways to make a statement than to trample the symbols that enabled you to make the statement in the first place. Those symbols should be protected as our rights are.

    (Disclaimer: This discussion will quickly degenerate now into a discussion about whether or not we are indeed free. Despite the fact that we are having this discussion in relative freedom, it will end with some individuals chalking up that freedom to smoke and mirrors and the other side in complete disagreement. My, how we've been here before. ;))
  8. UGRev

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    I don't disagree with the context of stupidity. Seriously.. why would anyone want to burn our flag except to gain attention? There are, indeed, better ways. As far as the baptist church is concerned, they are obstructing the rights of others to grieve in peace. They are clearly in the wrong. You cannot impede the rights of others while you exercise yours. That's not how it works. So they have no right to protest in proximity. They can do it anywhere else, however.
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    Hmmm.I believe the LSU student's were supporting their right to connect to his nose and other area's on his person...The fine is a minor..Like 35.00 buck's...
    I'll be glad to pony up 35.00 buck's...
    Welcome To Louisiana....Gator...
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    There was a funeral in Mills River, NC and the WBC was coming. Local and State police were at the church to protect their property rights and also a very large crowd filled the rest. People drove for hours to stand there to show their respect and the WBC did not show.

    Do a search for "wbc and mills river nc" you'll see they planned on coming. Maybe they couldn't find a place to stand?
  12. Seawolf1090

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    While the act of burning the flag may be 'legal', and fall within the perview of one's right to 'free speech', it is still a grievous abuse of that right.
    I would support a law making the burning of the national flag an illegal act, punishable by some degree of jail time. Until that happens, we'llsee more unAmerican dingleberrys doing this. They should not be surprised if a few of them wind up doing hospital time......... :rolleyes:

    I'd favor that so-called 'church' being declared a 'hate group' too. What they do is utterly dispicable. They have a nice sunny place in Hell awaiting them. :D
  13. mysterymet

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    I think they should make flag burning in public places illegal. Call it arson. Even though I personally don't agree with flag burning I think people should be allowed to burn it on their private property if they choose to. That way if it's not out in public it shouldn't offend other people because they don't have to see it.
  14. ghrit

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    Wolfie, the proper way to dispose of a worn out flag is to burn it with suitable respect (some say it should be in private, but I've seen some ceremonial burning.) I have to agree with mystmet (and you) that it should be arson when done disrespectfully.
  15. Seawolf1090

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    I know the proper way of disposal. No problem with that. Much like a public display of a ceremonial 'gun salute' vs. firing a gun in a public place - one is proper, the other is not.......

    What this guy did is still wrong. "Legal" is not always 'right'......
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    "what the hells wrong with these commie liberals thinking they can just write laws that disregard the 2nd Amendment!?"


    "what the hells wrong with these right wing teabaggers thinking they can just write laws that disregard the 1st Amendment!?"
  17. UGRev

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    not quite...

    "what the hells wrong with these republican thinking they can just write laws that disregard the 1st Amendment!?"


    Libertarians would have not stopped him from burning it. But we would have shown up with our own flags to burn...
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