Peak oil; only in the mideast.

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by BAT1, Feb 21, 2011.

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    From Lindsey Williams:
    Kissinger was heard recently saying Egypt was just the first act of a large world wide play. Now we see turmoil spreading across the whole region. As the regimes cast out the globalist dictators, and reinstalling their own back in or Islamic fundamentalists taking back power, we can see the spigot run dry for us. The person who predicted oil going down to $50.00 a barrel for two years and predicted it would rise again has now come out with info from the late Mr Frume, the head of operations for Atlantic Richfield saying it will go to 200-300 a barrel. From lack of supply? No
    It's because for the last twenty years oil companies have been finding huge reserves right here in America and just capping them off. They blame environmental groups [that they fund] for this problem. When you see 200.00 a barrel oil, those fields will be allowed to start pumping, but only when they can get $5.00 -6.00 a gal for it.
    These fields include:
    North slope
    Gull Island
    This will be the end of the dollar by the end of 2012. This will put people in such hard ship that they will voluntarily sell all their gold, silver and precious metals, guns and other PM's just to maintain life and will fall into the hands of the world government.
    This why we prepare, stock up and ready our mental attitudes for what is coming.
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    When you see 200/barrel oil, it's over. This country simply can't function with oil that high. This place will look worse than Mexico on a good day. Everything we've done in this country was set up based on cheap oil......take that away, and the country will collapse.

    So, I have to ask "why would they do this ?" Because the people at the top of the food chain depend on the minions at the bottom and middle of the food chain to live like they take out that support layer, and they won't have it any better than anyone else.....nobody to supply them food, nobody to wash, or drive, their car, nobody to educate their kids, because NONE of those minions will be able to afford to live or drive to work.

    So, I ask again "what's the point of holding back oil to sell at $200 when nobody can afford it ? "
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    The US will open it's strategic reserves to temporarily depress the cost per barrel, and keep fuel costs equal to about $85.00/barrel oil. This will only last so long. A reserve is finite. What we should all be concerned about is the "change of guard" in the Mideast. These new country leaders are an unknown in the OPEC scheme. They could be so hard set to destroy the west they artifically induce $200.00/barrel oil prices - which would be laughably easy for them. Take it into hand with the current drive to enact the SLR instead of the fiat FRN as a reserve currency system, or an extremely unbalanced vote by new OPEC leaders to no longer accept FRN's for oil - instead they accept only gold, or Yuan, or gets scary fast. He who controls the price of oil, controls the world. Control the oil, control the world.
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