Pearl Harbor 75 years

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    Peral Harbor myth #whatever - The Japs copied the attack pattern used by the Brits at the Battle of Taranto. (Battle of Taranto - Wikipedia)

    Yamamoto was not the first person to think of attacking the American naval base at Pearl Harbor. As early as 1927, war games at the Japanese Navy War College included an examination of a carrier raid against Pearl Harbor. The following year, a certain Captain Yamamoto lectured on the same topic.

    By the time the United States moved the Pacific Fleet from the West Coast to Pearl Harbor in May 1940, Yamamoto was already exploring how to execute such a bold operation. According to the chief of staff of the Combined Fleet, Vice Admiral Fukudome Shigeru, Yamamoto first discussed an attack on Pearl Harbor in March or April 1940. This clearly indicates that Yamamoto did not copy the idea of attacking a fleet in its base after observing the British carrier raid on the Italian base at Taranto in November 1940.

    After the completion of the Combined Fleet’s annual maneuvers in the fall of 1940, Yamamoto told Fukudome to direct Rear Admiral Onishi Takijiro to study a Pearl Harbor attack under the utmost secrecy. After the Taranto attack, Yamamoto wrote to a fellow admiral and friend stating that he had decided to launch the Pearl Harbor attack in December 1940.

    My dad lost his best HS friend (Bobby) on the USS Arizona.
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    Bucks book did in fact detail most of what would happen IF Pearl was attacked, and he was mostly correct in his findings! The Japs were able to use this information ( Al bet limited) to form attack plans! Much was made of the book, but the facts were Japan had many, many hurdles to over come before such an attack could be carried out! Gen. Short, and Adm, Kimmel were ham strung over the warnings of impending attack, they were ordered to do what they did by Army Chief of Staff, despite the foreknowledge of attack. A fact overlooked by many was the Navy didn't hold well receiving operational orders from the Army! And for those with the tin foil pulled down tight, remember, the Carrier fleet was not at Pearl during the attacks, nor were the Heavy bombers. For knowledge is for warned! These assets would be needed later after war was declared!
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    Pearl S. Buck is female, spent time in China with her missionary parents and later as a missionary herself. Time in Nippon was mostly in transit and/or avoiding Chinese depredations against westerners. I still need a book title, and I still doubt greatly that PSB was at all familiar with military strategy if even able to postulate a sneak attack in sufficient detail to predict the consequences. Until I see credible evidence and a book title wherein PSB laid it out for the Japs to copy, it's all pure rubbish that she was in any way associated with Jap strategy. The business of intelligence use or not, is another question about which history is pretty clear. We were NOT ready, and the higher echelons of command were at fault.
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    A quick google search will turn up everything I said and more. I can't do everything, I just give out the info. It is up to who ever doubt it to look it up for themselves instead of relying on everyone else to do it for them, and then of course admit that what I said was absolutely right and they were wrong. So far I've seen no proof that what I said was wrong, in fact much that was said proves what I said was in fact true, and of course lots of huffing and puffing and blow harding that some people refuse to check or believe facts.
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    I'm sure it will turn up everything you say is out there. The question is whether or not it is true or simply made up for rabble rousing. Please do NOT post stuff you have not vetted yourself. If you have facts, you have links or can find them much more easily then some folks with less skill at uncovering obscure reportage. Now, where is the name of that book?
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    Wow, this is reminding me of the time that some idiot read some Wikipedia article about the Browning A-5, Remington M-11, etc., that was pure BS. He insisted that only HE was right and everyone else, that actually knew what they were talking about, was wrong. Of course the fact that he knew nothing, and what he "thought" he "knew" was wrong didn't matter, he was right, they were wrong, and that was it! The people that actually knew their rear from a hole in the ground were "wrong", facts didn't matter, and that was that! So there.

    If someone can't do a simple google search of Pearl S. Buck and look at a list of her books, can't google Pearl Harbor and/or Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941, and insists that everyone else here is wrong, and only they are somehow "right", in the face of all the evidence already posted, well I can't help them. God helps those who help themselves, and if a simple google search is beyond their powers or abilities, no facts, nothing I post, no links, or anything that has been posted by others that backs up what I say, will change their mind either.

    People can either accept facts or not. Just like Hitlery and Co. (yes I know it is the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, who is "actually" doing it, wink-wink) is demanding a recount in hopes of putting off Donald getting enough Electoral College votes to be elected Prez if the votes aren't recounted in time, and then threatening to sue if they don't get the results they want. Just because they are whiny little babies doesn't change the fact they lost, are wrong, and refuse to accept that fact.
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    Around 300 Pearl Harbor survivors left most 90 years old plus.

    Thanks is never enough but the best I can do is thank all of the vets past and future and NEVER forget.


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    I met one of these gentlemen a while back. He was 16 when he went in, he says "I never had a sense of humor till I joined the Navy" an amazing and humble man. 92 yrs old
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