People Don’t Understand the Scale of the Emergency That’s Going On Right Now

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Yard Dart, Dec 15, 2013.

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    Horrific Consequences: “People Don’t Understand the Scale of the Emergency That’s Going On Right Now” |
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    Just remember, if it's $1 dollar or $1999999 trillion dollars over and the economy fails, we're just as screwed. No sense in letting fear get the best of us. Creating tens of billions per month and adding that plus interest to the deficit is only gonna change the number. The banks still run the show, it's their currency, their game. Public opinion and foreign market manipulation is key to understand. This won't just be a United States collapse, it will be global monetary collapse.
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    Which is why it's so important to have a few backup plans for when it happens. Currency has no intrinsic value, it's dependent on multiple factors. Things like food, clothes, and firewood, etc, those are worthwhile regardless of the state of the economy.
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    I would like to purchase all that I would need to live comfortably, when I retire.. Never have to make another purchase.. That would be prepared! Oh well, defficate in one hand and....
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    Now you sound like a monkey! [OO][shtf]

    Really, I think this entire Obamacare policy is going to bring about a whole new level of taxation (since AHA is only a forced tax) and we will be fined on top of unpaid tax -er, healthcare bills. All this will do is raise the tax revenues for the FED and allow greater spending to continue, at least economically speaking. Politically speaking, the bankers control everything in finance, it's their currency and their banking system. They choose when to pull the plug.

    I am only speculating here, but I imagine there's quite a bit to do yet on the world stage before the money siphon is pulled away and we see a global crisis. For one, control of the Middle East must be established (The Grand Chessboard by Brzezinski).
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    Thanks, I think..
    The banks tell the .gov how much printed money THEY want, and the .gov complies. That, in itself, explains the relationship of bank to .gov..
    More taxation... .gov will spend as much as they please without fear of the outcomes. It is how much "labor"in the form of tax's they will remove from the population. Taxation is control... One works more, yet, the more effort one puts into trying to acuire more wealth, the more tax's they pay. As such, the .gov, is able to maintain the ratio's of those that have wealth to those of more modest means. Allso , they influence the electorate..
    I am no economist by a long shot.. Please point out the errors of my thought processes..
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    Have talked to numerous people whose parents lived through the "crash" of the stock market. One gent was the wealthiest man in the next county--had a seat on the exchange--when the crash hit he lost everything-houses, land, products, and ended up living in a friends free house. This is not an isolated story. My Dad quit school in the 8th grade and went to work with his uncle that had a federal contract at Parris Island. He finished paying off his mother's farm, sent two siblings through college, and bought a few farms joining in the process. Not all from his wages but from some wheeling and dealing--many products were practically impossible to obtain and he had contacts. When this thing hits we better be able to be flexible because what we hold or think we hold will change. Things we think we would not do may become the very things we do to survive--take care of our family.
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    It'll truly be the final nail in the coffin of western society. The little remaining wealth left to the 'middle class' will be siphoned off and tough times are going to come to every community while the people claim vehemently that "it can't happen here". The world will revert back to a very harsh place to exist. A seemingly small event will be the catalyst that sets it all on fire.

    Far far into the future (provided the human race does indeed survive to witness said distant future) it'll be so obvious where their ancestors went wrong...they let the people believe for a short time that they might, in fact, own their own lives. Fools! Musn't let that happen again... ;)

    But hey, on a happier note, the stupidbowl is coming up! [touchdown]
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    Yup.. What I said.. @Byte only touched on a tiny part of the "Illusion".. Yet his statement is true..
    Your "and now for the rest of the story" further explains the relationship of bank to .gov.. I personally believe that there is yet more to be revealed..
    Good video!
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    Many many moons ago Thomas Jefferson warned us not to let the bankers/gub take us off the gold reserve system. He said if we did then our "children" would become renters in the land he fought to be free. Seems we did not listen to his wisdom. When the over printed fiat green back users figure out that it is worthless the "house of cards" will come crashing down around all our ears. IMO, the "great fall" of "humpty dumpty" is going to be almost beyond repair. Those of us who can survive on our own will even be dragged down some.
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    Some Helpful Tips For Prepping: There really is no comparison
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    I cant predict the future and I sure don't understand the financial world, so that is why I love reading the opions you people post. I very cautious to post so I don't show my ignorance
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    stupidity (an inability to learn) can be life threatening, but ignorance (a lack of knowledge) can be cured. :cool: what interests you? there is a search box at the top right, and it can bring up some very interesting tid bits. have a question, and find no answers? try the shoutbox on the front page. someone will either help you, or direct you to your answers. It's a friendly place, be at ease.[boozingbuddies]
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    Post away nathan. The monkeys in the tree dispel ignorance with a vengence. Neat community to be part of.
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    Old, I thought we hunted the ignorant and put them to the torch. Wait, no. I got that backwards. ;)[dancindevil]
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    that's right, we teach the ignorant to make torches. do push ups Falcon.;)
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    We welcome the ignorant and bestow knowledge. However, we do NOT suffer fools gladly!
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    how about Jesters?
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    Ease up on those Jesters---kind of getting into my back yard--lol
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