Picked Up A New Little Pickup Today

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TXKajun, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. TXKajun

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    Last hunting season, me DS and I went out in my Honda Ridgeline to try and get a deer. In the boonies, I managed to put a hole in the oil pan. Drat! Burned up the engine before we got into phone range. I got the Ridgeline engine replaced, but promised myself that if I ever ran across a decent hunting/prospecting truck, I'd look long and hard at buying it.

    Last week, I noticed a 2000 Ford Ranger XLT 4WD for sale. I thought the price was kinda high, but called the guy and made what I thought was a crazy low offer. He accepted! I did a vehicle history search on it, no problems. Today I went out and gave it a real close look and a test drive. The transmission shifts a bit jerky, but that's about the only thing I could see was a problem. Sooooooooooo, long story short, I bought it! [touchdown]

    I want to put a camper shell on it, replace the tires (they don't match), and have the tranny checked, but that's about it. Here's a pic:


  2. ghrit

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    Spittin' image of my 97 (and the '08), except the '97 was the narrow box. Got 236K miles on it before that damn deer jumped up and told me that was the end of the ride in 08. (Was shooting for 300K.) Mine was a manual tranny, only problems I had were front hub failures with a plastic part, and thermostat failures at around 100K intervals. Replaced the "auto" hubs with manual hubs and went on my merry way. Now have an '08, which has no hub engagement deal, full time engaged, but the xfer case is electrically shifted. One odd thing about the 97, the tire pressures per Ford seemed to be bass ackwards from common sense, about 5 lbs higher pressure in the rear than the front. Following the owner's manual, I still got 97K miles out of the first set, rotating religiously. Both the old and new have/had the 4L engine, highly recommended by yours truly. "Several" miles towing 2500 lbs proved that to my satisfaction.

    You'll like it. Too bad they are orphans.
  3. BTPost

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    My 98 XLT Ranger has that same Electric Xfr Case... Total BS... After the second Shift motor burned out, I got it setup, in 4X4 Low Range, and pulled the Fuse to the Shift Circuit, and left it there. If it wasn't a Company Trucking i would have trashed it years ago... I wish I still had my Nissan 4X4 pickup with all manual Gears, but the frame rusted out, till it was ready to break in half, and now sits in the BoneYard, waiting for Mr. ScrapMetal to stop by with his barge and haul it anyway. Ford really screwed the pouch with that electric shift BS, to my way of thinking. Oh well, it is what it is.... Neighbor has the same truck only Isuzu Brand and his has the same Shift issue and FIX as mine,.....
  4. Rabid

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    I loved my 01 Ranger Edge and I miss it. My grandson rolled it at 127,000 mi. It was my 2nd Ranger and I planned to have it until the wheels fell off.
  5. Motomom34

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    Envious. Just what I am looking for. The full size trucks are to big for me.
  6. kellory

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    That is what I want as well. 4X4, 6 1/2 foot bed, extended cab. add some heavy duty lift springs for heavy loads, (or what I did on a 66 ford f-100 and add air lift adjustable shocks) and a Reese hitch front and back to receive the winch on a receiver plate. very nice truck, enjoy it.;)
  7. franks71vw

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    Most if not all manufactures screwed the pooch with these electric gizmo buttons. My 3500 has that push buttons that sometimes i need to but in neutral and reverse in order to sync the gears and then the motor will shift things up. But i can't complain about my allison tranny...
  8. TXKajun

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    An update. I got the transmission fluid and filter changed, several vacuum leaks stopped and the little Ranger runs and shifts smooth as silk. :) I also got some really nice tires ordered from amazon that outta be here next Thursday. I'll get them put on next weekend.

    I still have the check engine light on and my mechanic seems to thing the codes are telling him to replace the upper intake manifold gaskets. ~$300 to do. It'll run ok for a while, so it'll probably be next month before I get that fixed. But I'm only going to use it to go to work (7 mi) and maybe a little light running around in backroads in the desert.

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  9. Tracy

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  10. TXKajun

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    OK, it's been a month now that my little Ranger hasn't been feeling good. :( It started running kind of rough, then spitting and sputtering, and hardly running. I took it to our local Ford dealer who said "Oh, just needs a new engine. We can do that for $5,600." WTF???? And I paid almost $300 to get this diagnosis? So, I managed to get it home and it's been sitting in the driveway for a month now. I was talking to some of the guys at one of my job locations and got the name of a supposedly good mechanic. I haven't had time to call him yet.

    First thing I wanted to do was change out the spark plugs.....just in case. Well, today I found the time to go get the plugs and socket wrench parts I needed and got to it. First of all whoever put the plugs in last must have used an impact wrench! Sheesh! I managed to get 3 of the plugs out with a little "come-along" for my little socket set. 4th and 5th weren't gonna get out, period. I managed to find a much longer socket wrench and got them out. By then, I was exhausted, being the old out-of-shape fart that I am, so I held off on #6. I decided to fire it up just to see what would happen. HOORAY!! It lives!!!! And a hell of a lot cheaper than a new engine! I'm still going to call up the mechanic I got the reference for because I still have a "Check Engine" light on, but major relief.

    Ignorance triumphs over technology once again! LOL

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  11. kckndrgn

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    take the truck to a local autozone or napa, they'll scan it and tell you way the check engine light is on. This is usually a free service. I've done it many times with out old windstar.

    At least you didn't have to remove 1/2 the engine to get at the plugs.
  12. ghrit

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    Check engine came on once with the old one, was an O2 sensor failure.
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  13. STANGF150

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    Kajun, get sum Loooooong Extension Bars to go between you socket & ratchet, might need sum looks like swivel joint adapters too. Trust me makes world of difference. My '94 F-150 needs a new motor as over 200k Miles an making sum noise. At Gas stations here there are "Auto Trader/Cars For Sale" catalog/magazines for $1. Engine Rebuilders advertise in them too. The one I called rebuilds Long Blocks, & can install too. Just to pull motor, rebuild motor, reinstall, & get it running right, $1,800 for my 1994 F-150 5.0 302ci V8.
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    My 98 had 253K on it when I spun out on the slick Austin streets because of the idiot drivers. Hit a fire plug and totaled my truck. I too was shooting for 300K, and think I could have made it. It was a 4L with a manual tranny. 39MPG, and I do miss the effeciency.

    I too had heater/radiator peoblems, but got that squared away.

    Squirt WD40 on those plugs when cold for a couple of days, and the plugs will come out easily. Drive as normal when soaking, but don't squirt cool fluid on hot spark plugs.

  15. TXKajun

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    Jim2, thanks for the idea about WD40. I've still got 1 plug left to change, but the little truck is purring right along.

  16. BTPost

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    There is a reason that Good Mechanics put High Temp Never-Siez on SparkPlug Threads...... Just making a NOTE, here:....... YMMV.....
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  17. NotSoSneaky

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    Rangers are hard to kill. I've patched my doors with sheet metal and poprivets and mended the exhause with cut up tin cans and hose clamps. Keeps on going. 132K+ hoping to turn 200 K but since I only put about 5 K a year on it it may take me awhile. [tongue]
  18. TXKajun

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    Great info, you guys! Ya'll ROCK!! [touchdown]

  19. Witch Doctor 01

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    I have an old 97 I think, with a bad frame... big 4 cylinder If you are near NC... let me know ... we can do something...
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