Pics can be traced by perps to your locations

Discussion in 'Technical' started by -06, Oct 7, 2012.

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    This video will alarm you as to the ease others can track exactly where you are and where your children are. It also shows how you can disarm that feature in your phone. Important to watch/use.

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    Don't have a smart phone. I won't ever own one unless it's the only type of cellphone left.

    Turning off the GPS in relation to pictures is important. Metadata is a b1*@h!
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    is there anyway to know if your cell phone is trackable when not on but with battery still installed
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    Some "guru" may be able to answer that reliably. Even with the battery out your phone has a backup battery that retains info/etc. and will betray you. If SHTF(when) then I will go into stealth mode--the phones will go into a box for the duration. There is always the plus side to GPS tracking--others may know where your phone is but you do not have to be with it.
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    If it's a newer style phone with GPS, yes. Smart phone, definitely. If it is not, then you might be fine. Even with the phone turned off, and even with the battery removed for a short time, it can be tracked. I don't know all of the particulars, but that's the basic ditty.
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    Any Picture taken with a cell phone we have this new program at the Sheriff Department that is free we can take any picture that was taken on a cell phone and get the phone number, the phones owner info and GPS location of where the picture was taken. Plus we can pull up the GPS of that phone's location at that time even if the picture is a few years old. Another thing about cell phones even when you clear them they are not clear, I always thought the factory master reset cleared all. Wrong it can be sent to the lab and everything that was sent by txt, e-mail, picture message or phone calls can be pulled up.
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    :cool: Thanks for sharing!!

    Parents (and kids) beware!
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