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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by monkeyman, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. monkeyman

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    I was just wondering if anyone knew where to find a description of the basic views or stands of the political parties clearly stated? It would pretty much have to be either non partisan or each listed by the party being discussed.

    Basicly whats up is that I have someone who is pro gun, not a big suporter of quota type afirmitave action, for imigration controle and so on and claims to be and votes Democrat. I kind of think that they may be a bit confused on what the parties stand for.

    I went to the Democratic parties national home page but they really didnt have crap on there that clearly stated where the party stands on any given issue.
  2. RightHand

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    Sounds like a DINO - Democrat in name only
  3. Valkman

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    I don't know why he'd vote Democrat! What's he think of abortion?
  4. monkeyman

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    Basicly got drawn into the Demo parties and such when young and stuck to the party. There is the pro choice thing but basicly its thinking they are there to fix nepitism and such and that Rep is just for business and the rich.
  5. Tracy

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    Here's a place to take a "test" to see what party you are most closely matched to: http://ontheissues.org/quizeng/xPartyMatch/start.asp

    You don't have to join anything - just click on "Don't Save". (3 pop ups, but only on my first visit and I went there and retook the test several times).

    When you're all done, it gives you your "ranking". If you click on "Political Philosophy", it shows you your answers compared to Hardcore others. Click on "Political Leaders" and it shows who you most closely match (and also gives you their answers to the same questions).

    I took the test several times, just to check it out and see if it would change my party (it did). BTW; if you have "No opinion on everything, except gun ownership - and you strongly support that - you are a Centrist, Republican party match and John Ashcroft has answers that most closely match yours.

    Pretty intersting little test site. Thanks for the inquiry, MM! I hope it helps your Someone find where they fit best.
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