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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by enloopious, Jul 7, 2012.

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    So Im reading this magazine "TIME" and there is an article every month that tells a political party what to do. This month it says "Barrack Obama needs to do this..." and it tells him how to get more people to vote for him. It dawned on me, this is not a news article, this is his CIA handlers telling him what to do.

    As if the magazine was reading my mind, the next article said that a woman was on an airplane and claimed that her tits were going to explode and kill everyone. As proof, Republican Senator Susan Collins said the US has received intelligence "identifying surgically implanted bombs as a threat to air travel." This is the goal of the CIA: fear. People are easy to control while they are in a state of fear.

    The next article says that Air Force One costs $180,000.00 per hour to operate. Then the economy section says that the post office needs to have rental space in their trucks so that the government can put anti terrorist scanning devices and radioactive, biological, gas scanners... never mind that Osama is dead. Then they roll on to a story about cancer. The music and sports page lets you know that everything is normal and then now that you are tenderized and dizzy they roll into the vote for Mitt Romney article. He's a good guy who came from a family JUST like yours. After that they go back to some trauma, wars, injured soldiers, and adverts.

    If I was taking a brainwashing course I would expect to see something like this as a text book case.

    I don't know what everyone else's personal view is on this but it would seem that this is all about submission. They are demanding all of our submission. These are the tactics they use to interrogate people in Guantanamo bay and humiliate them and they are using them on our parents and children and wives. It motivates one to start planning out logistics and countermeasures.
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    Don't read "Time", watch TV or listen/watch regular media news. Clear your mind. Read a good book. Walk on the beach or thru the woods. Stare at the stars. Love your family and friends, and keep them close. Plan for tomorrow and work towards your goals. Later once you are your calm self again, take your news in small doses. ......... jus sayin'
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    We think a lot alike.

    Sometimes I ponder the notion that it could either be a masterfully created piece of psy-ops or the result of a perfectly trained zombie regurgitated party line rhetoric and willing to please their overlords out of some kind of twisted, sick dependency urge. Either way, it's bad news.

    Isn't it kewl we can spot the predictable nature of these ploys and recognize the references for what they are? Once one realizes everything is a fairy tale, it all becomes obvious. Preying upon the timid is not the true spirit of greatness.
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    Another line of poetry. You have been doing that a lot lately. Me too. Strange.
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    I have a 'brain filter' I use when I get the news. Like when there is reports of an earthquake or some other natural disaster, I believe there was an earthquake. Everything else I might ignore. And when a politician is giving an interview, I believe them when they say Hello and I quit listening after that ;-)
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    The reason I read TIME is so I can keep an eye on my enemy. I like to know what they are doing and thinking and those publications are a good way to do that. I am hard pressed to find something in major publication that is free from influence so if there is "media" going on (even movies) I know the bullshit is coming.
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