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  1. OldDude49

    OldDude49 Just n old guy

    Noir Hits Politifact: “Everything They do is Skewed in Favor of Clinton”


    During Tuesday’s live-broadcast of NRATV’s CN Live, host Colion Noir tore apart Politifact’s deceitful article, “NRA weakly claims that Clinton said gun confiscation is ‘worth considering’”, which attempted to shield Hillary Clinton’s true contempt for the Second Amendment.

    “I don’t think I can trust Politifact anymore,” said Noir. “Everything that they are doing is skewed in favor of Hillary Clinton.”

    Noir did not shy away from the fact that Hillary Clinton has said that Australia’s gun confiscation program is worth considering. He also exposed the ridiculous idea of a mandatory gun buyback program that Australia implemented and Clinton now supports: “Just because they’re paying me money to get my guns back if I’m forced to do it and if I don’t do it, I’m going to be with a crime that’s not a buyback program. That is a confiscation,” said Noir. America’s leading millennial gun rights advocate also pointed out that many of the so-called “common sense” gun control measures Hillary Clinton advocates for, have actually been precursors to countries like Australia confiscating firearms.

    Check out Colion’s takedown of Clinton’s phony attempt at concealing her true plans of gun confiscation if she gets into the White House:

    Catch CN Live weekdays on NRA TV.

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  2. Ura-Ki

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    Every thing this guy says is true! Every one of his videos is spot on! I think every one on the Monkey should subscribe to his channel to catch up on all this great man has to say!
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  3. OldDude49

    OldDude49 Just n old guy

    IIRC he is an attorney/has a degree in law... right?

    which suggests that not all attornys are bad :LOL:
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  4. 3M-TA3

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    Subscribed after the first time I saw him on YouTube. He says it like it is and never disappoints.
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  5. Ura-Ki

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    I did the same thing!!!
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