Power Outage Prep

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  1. Hey guys,

    I am sure this is a topic that has been covered many many times before. But, we tried to keep it short and some vital information. Please give any feedback on this blog or any other blogs!

    Power Outage Prep
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    In the early 90s when we got our first computer we lived in the mountains where power outages were common especially in the winter months, the first thing I did was set up a battery system and inverter to run the computer on .Initially we charge the battery from the grid. later I added solar panels wind mill and more batteries and kept reducing the dependency on the grid.
    Batteries may not sound convenient, but unlike others that lost equipment due to brown out or spikes we suffered nothing.
    I have a friend in Ghana west Africa and their power is unreliable as well, and I convinced him to do the same thing, and he has less problems with power every one else does.
    With the advent of LED lighting and 12 volt LED lighting my dependency on the grid is limited to high amperage equipment welders and air compressors and such..
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    Just bought ANOTHER Genset... even though I have a fairly large collection, already.... 12Kw Three Cyl, Liquid Cooled, Lister Diesel, turning a Stamford Genend... Looking forward to getting it, later this spring...
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