President Obama Comments on Hurricane Matthew

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    Video: SPECIAL REPORT: President Obama Comments on Hurricane Matthew

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    This is an ABC news special group yeah hurricane Matthew. Now reporting. George Stephanopoulos. And we are coming on the air right now for many V that is GMA in the west because pres Obama is about to speak about the hurricane he's been meeting. In the Oval Office with his Homeland Security director Jay Johnson also director of FEMA Craig PDC the eye wall. Of the storm right there are thirty miles off Daytona Beach let's go now to the Oval Office the president United States. Obviously are very has been tracking. The course of perking Matthew and I just received an update from. Our FEMA director for a few days as well as. The rest of our national security team and I just wanted to make a couple of key points. First. What we're seeing now is Matthew. Having. Moved above. Sophomore there and some of the largest population centers. Working its way north. And the big concern that people are having right now. Is the effects that are could have. In areas like Jacksonville on through Georgia. And although we've seen some significant damage. In. Portions of south fourth I think the bigger concern at this point is not just hurricane force winds. But storm surge. Many of you'll remember. Hurricane sandy. We're. Initially people thought this doesn't look as bad as we thought and then suddenly. You get. Massive storm surge and a lot of people. Were. Severely affected. And so I just want to emphasize to everybody. That. This is still is really dangerous for good. Bad the potential for storm surge flooding and loss of life and severe property damage. Continues to exist. And people continue to need to follow. The instructions of their local officials. Over the course of the next 444872. Hours. Those of you who live in George I think should be paying attention. Because. There's been a lot of emphasis on Florida about this thing is gonna keep on moving north through Florida in the South Carolina. There are large population senators they're there could be vulnerable. So pay attention to what your local officials. Are telling you if they tell you to evacuate you need to get out of there and move to higher ground. Because storm surge could move very quickly. And people can think that there out of awards and then suddenly. Get hit and not be in a position which. They and their families for safe. So pay attention local officials. In the mean time. I've been in contact where. The governors of all four of effectuate affected states I want to thank them all for the leadership. There's been strong cooperation between federal. And state and local officials. FEMA has worked diligently to pre positioned. Resources. Assets. Water or food commodities. And as for working move north. Was afraid and that his team will be doing is moving those. Resources and assets further north so that. Any place that happens to get hit badly. We'll be in position to immediately come in and help but I really want to emphasize the governors who have been on top of us. State and local officials have been on top of us. They are the ones who are tracking most closely what is happening in your particular community you're a particular area. You need to pay attention to them do what they say. Not be a hold out here because. We can always. Replace property but we can't replace lives I want to thank Frey that his old team. As well us Department of Homeland Security my own national security team. Foolish spent on top of this will monitor this throughout the weekend. Are our thoughts and prayers are with the folks who have been affected. You know it's it's. Even if the damage in South Florida was bad it could be. There are people who've been affected and for them they're gonna need help last point I'd like to make is we're still. Tracking. What happens in areas like Haiti that were hit more directly. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world. It has consistently been bitten battered by a lot of natural disasters to compound. What is our. Great poverty their we know that hundreds of I have lost their lives. That there's been severe property damage they're gonna need help rebuilding so I would ask. All Americans. To. Go to the American Red Cross. Other. Philanthropic agencies. To make sure there were doing what we need to do to help people in the and will continue to provide information if your interest is how you can help the people Haiti and others you can go to whitehouse dot governor will provide some direction. Terms of where. Even the smallest contribution can really make a big difference. All right thank you very much or what it. Certainly didn't. Created Fremont is isn't a good position right now. Yeah we had some concerns. Last year when we were. In the midst of budget negotiations I think that we didn't feel good job. Making sure the feet was properly funded and not to make him blush but we happen to have one of the best public servants in American Greg you're good. And his team and they know how to manage their money and use it effectively so that's not going to be an issue. Of course we always want. Be cautious. About. Making assessments. Would respect to damage were still on the front end of this hurricane we're not on the back so we don't know how bad the damage. Could end up we don't know how severe the storm surge could end up. Being handed. What we're not gonna know for. 345. Days what the ultimate effects of this are if we end up having. Really significant problems. And really severe property damage then. The Stafford act comes in the life. Our ability to provide through emergency declarations and other mechanisms more help to local governments. That's always going to be a question we have. As you know we still have. Flooding in Louisiana than has left a lot of people homeless. Over a 100000 people lost their homes. We still have to rebuild. Ferrer is exactly all who need. From. Natural disasters. Around the country that it would like hopefully during. The lame duck session. To figure out how to fund effectively sold. The issues not so much be most. Formative for immediate emergency response. To the issues. Is going to be making sure that after. We. Of them in this case the hurricane but in other cases flooding and wildfires. No other natural disasters. After they've happened are we in position to properly help people rebuild and waters is making assessments. After the fact and we'll. Talk converse about how we can help up front. Thank your body. Good news. Google's. I'm not gonna broad freeze of the the all right you're would revoke balloon I don't. Also while my my form nowhere else probably most excluded from the funeral dividends alone took to help our. Thanks guys. President Obama there wrapping up his meeting on hurricane Matthew Jerry Neal loves free heads out. His hometown of Chicago president says it still is a dangerous storm even those four has avoided the worst. The damage also was telling everybody especially in those states of Georgia and South Carolina northern Florida Jacksonville. But the storm is headed next to pay attention to local authorities saying do not be awful that this is still a very dangerous storm. Chris winning any track it all day long period ABC news now. Back to regular program. This has been a special.

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  2. ghrit

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    May not be accurate? It's nearly unreadable. That should never have been released to the public.
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    They need to windex the teleprompter screen, O's having a tough time reading the script. Must have been a budget cut on the window cleaners, got to get that natural gas pipeline through Syria and that costs money, and if we are lucky we can goad the Russians into war which will save the Banksters bacon and keep everybody focused on a problem that isn't really the real problem.
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  4. GrayGhost

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    It's the common-core transcript.
  5. ghrit

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    :lol: Was thinking along those lines, but decided it wasn't that good.
  6. chelloveck

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    It looks like a Google translation....
  7. Ura-Ki

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    Give this short video a look see!
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    Those videos make me angry.It was not the worst storm that some had been in. I do not like the fear mongering because people will be come immune and not evac when they really need to.
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  9. ghrit

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    "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!!" Did Henny Penny die and get that story get scrubbed off the reading list for these SJW dolts?
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  10. Gator 45/70

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    Correct, More people we're killed running from IKE than the actual storm.
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  11. Ura-Ki

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    I figured that would rile some folks up, My self included!!! Yea, the Gub'ment will take care of ya, about a week later when they finally pull there collective thumb out and start heading down there with the food and water and such. No worries, with every one dutifully following the "mandated evac order" there would be little need for gub'ment sponsored help, RIGHT?!?!?!?! Folks down there have been through a few big blows before, they might be used to it!
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    I lived through Camile in Mississippi back in 69 and 6 major hurricanes down in central Florida. Did we run for the hills? Hell no, we hunkered down in place and made do with what we had stocked up on through out the years because we knew what was going to happen where we lived.
    Ain't no gubiment going to protect you in any storm but they sho do give a might good bit of lip service though....
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    I think more accurate Obama news release on Hurricane Matthew would involve a passionate plea for all Americans to come together and pray that the links will not be flooded.
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