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Discussion in 'Politics' started by CATO, Jan 26, 2013.

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    Now is the time | The White House

    Here's something the MSM and sheeple won't catch/point out: the branding that is anti-gun.

    Do you ever hear after a stabbing: "We need to end knife violence."
    ... after a clubing: "We need to end baseball bat violence."


    What's the other branding that has been done? "Domestic violence."

    Yet . . . no news stories of "terrorist violence" or "religious-motivated violence."

    So, just be aware of the marketing scheme these bunch of scumbags engage in and educate others to the fact. Moreover, people have been hurting people since the dawn of man--the idea that you can prevent it via police is moronic. A more logical thought would be preventing through the people that are already at the scene BEFORE the violence takes place.
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    The easiest way to end gun violence is to shoot the person committing gun violence.

    The empty hand and big words do not work well here.
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    It's difficult to believe that more anti-gun laws are touted as being "needed" to protect us from harm. First of all, if the laws already in place, thousands of them, haven't succeeded, what makes these idiots think more of what we already know doesn't work will protect us.

    Second of all, what criminal cares about a gun control law when he/she is about to take someone out?

    If the government was actually interested in keeping its citizens safe, it would supply a good firearm and offer the training to go with it.
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    ...and the sheeple bleat for more...
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    Why is it nobody in Wash. talks about the greatest murderes, themselves. I saw a old video of 60 minutes asking Madeline Albright if the 500,000 children who died in Iraq from sanctions was worth it and Albrights answer was YES! . If there's a tragedy in america it seem's to be a license to trash the constitution, when our own gov't is doing the killing it's just policy.
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    If only more citizens were paying attention...
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    Here in New York we've been burdened with some of the harshest new gun restrictions.I live in a relatively conservative area where many people enjoy being gun owners,shooting,and hunting.This portion of New york has been hit very hard by the recession and the area I travel to for work seems to have a shooting at least once a week despite all the new laws.Even the state police are confused about how to categorize every weapon that us law abiding citizens need to register.It's only one step away from taking guns out of our hands and letting us be prey to the rampant criminals who can have any gun they can find.
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    If one never registers their guns, the gubbermint will never find them.
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