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    While no one knows what will happen in the House, not in full session and a small team writing the laws as they see fit, a group of the left has sent to Nancy what they would like to see. CPC Priorities.pdf Other then completly changing the economic system, universial health care, covering illegals and offering them a path to citizenship, no real major changes.[sarc2] Short outline of what Hitlery and Co want, no attempt being made to say how it will be paid for, but we can always borrow another 10 trillion or so a year forever, its only marks in a book to be transferred from the rich to the rest of the people in the USA. When that is gone, they can always sell that bridge in New York.[booze]
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    I think I can say ,, I may be one of the last of the generations of Americans that can say they grew up in what America was supposed to be . What she stood for ,, teaching you that hard work , drive and perseverance ,,, you could be what you wanted to be in this country . Now , people don't come here for the American Dream ,,, they come for the American Handouts , not wanting to earn anything . Some , are not even from here ,, but feel they are entitled to what we have , earn , or produce , with very little , or no skin in the game . And our elected officials are giving it away ,, just as fast as they can ,,,, willingly . I've got a 1 1/2 year old granddaughter ,, and I've got a really bad feeling for her future . How did we get to this point in such a short period of time ??? And ,,, more importantly ,,, can we turn it back around before it's to late ??? Or is it to late ??? I fear that Master Reset Button ,,, is going to really push us back a hundred years or better .
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    Debt is good for bankers and rich and powerful people. Anyone who owns actual assets like land, gold, silver, bitcoin are going to skyrocket in wealth because of inflation. This is why they are printing money out in massive amounts and why they will keep doing it. The more they print the higher the value of their assets goes. When the world is on fire they will have lots of money...
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    and when it all falls apart - like Socialist 'utopias' always do...

    remember - they will be no "West" to flee to


    everything will be ruined


    even more than we see now in Dem controlled cities

    remove every Democrat
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    Yep...and I can sell you a wall...also funded by debt.
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    It's all about controlling people. I admit I like the idea of healthcare that doesn't bankrupt people. I think about how much we spend on our military and how much foreign aid we give away and now we just gave the wealthiest people trillions. Now they can buy up everything. People are being ridden dry and I don't think it will last much longer like this.
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    I think you missed his sarcasm sign on this one...
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    Oh the sarcasm, and the target(s) of that sarcasm were noted....just adding a little sarcasm of my own to the pot. Judging by DJT's deficit spending, he must be a socialist...just that the benefits go to a different demographic of cronies and plutocrats than the actual socialists would pork barrel.

    Trump’s Deficits Are Racing Past Obama’s
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    chelloveck, don't disagree with you at all, left, right, up, down, the future, etc, all look bad and I see lots of problems for the average individual. Too many rats on the world at the moment for its resources and they are fighting for their own tribe, group, etc. No longer able to go into bush, out into the country, to a different area and start from scratch again. As an Aussie I would think your own history would show you what happens when the pot gets empty. A lot of the early people sent to your country were in the long run guilty of nothing but poverty and they and their children were able to take the resources they found and build a great country. They had the abilities in the old country but not the resources. I just hope that we do not end up like Union of South Africa, Rhodesia. Libya, Venezuela, etc, and in the end "solving" the problem destroys the nation for at least many of its inhabitants. Main problem is that many of the cures in the past have been worse than the problem. There is no doubt that in the early 1940's the Japanese could have taken over Australia in a matter of days. Uncle on the Saratogia, two on merchant ships in South Pacific in 1942, said it was touch and go for quite a while. Between China and Indonesia and its 270 million people and its increasing Muslim bent, I would think that there would be a lot of problems locally for an individual to worry about more than Trump's desire for a wall. Seem to remember a few questions on who owns what in the area as well as Indonesia and their little problem that lead to a half million dead, or China and a few 10's of million dead.
    Still I enjoy your remarks about our problems and as an outsider you often have a view that we do not have. Good question in the future is what is the English Christian white minority going to do with the loss of the British Empire. So far it has not done well.
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    I sure miss leaders like Ronnie. Yeah yeah, union buster is all I ever hear. He wasn’t afraid to make a move. RIP.
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