PROOF: Alien Lifeforms Have Invaded Earth!

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    We now have indisputable proof that extra-terrestrial lifeforms exist.
    We also have indisputable proof that these lifeforms have invaded the Earth--in their trillions.
    We know exactly where they are.
    We know exactly what they look life.
    We know that they are predators, and we know their preferred prey.
    We even understand--to a certain extent--how their alien biology works.

    All terrestrial life--without exception--has DNA based on the four nucleotides: adenine (A), thymine (T), guanine (G), and cytosine (C). This is the well-known ATGC format.

    Now, scientists have found extra-terrestrial lifeforms based on an entirely different DNA: the ZTGC format.

    It's made up of 2-aminoadenine (Z), thymine (T), guanine (G), and cytosine (C). There is no adenine (A).

    2-aminoadenine (Z) is entirely different from adenine (A). On a chemical level, the two forms of DNA cannot interbreed. The linkages are different.

    This alien DNA has been found in viruses that kill bacteria. It has also been found in carbonaceous meteorites--which proves it has an extra-terrestrial origin.

    It is nor known when the alien lifeforms arrived on this planet. It may have been billions of years ago, or less than a century. The first examples were discovered in 1977 in a cyanophage virus named S-2L. Too difficult to culture, it was dismissed as an oddity.

    Recent studies have shown how the ZTGC DNA works. It is hardier than our ATGC DNA, and has now been found in many different bacteriophages.

    The article is listed below. Note the logical disconnect between saying that the ZTGC format may have evolved on Earth as a better defense against bacterial prey and saying that all Earthly life may have originally evolved from ZTGC lifeforms.

    My take is that predatory ZTGC lifeforms evolved to prey on other ZTGC lifeforms--and when they arrived here they found that terrestrial ATGC lifeforms were an easy lunch.

    I am also of the opinion that if ZTGC lifeforms arrived on this planet billions of years ago humans (and everything else on this planet) would have ZTGC DNA--because the alien DNA is hardier than our own.

    Now for the Tin Foil Hat part of today's Program: Consider an alien DNA that's inherently tough, and doesn't necessarily conform to the usual rules of engagement. What if it jumped from killing bacteria in the ocean to killing bacteria in the human gut? Or simply killing human cells directly?

    Is eating seafood really safe? What about surfing?

    Some Viruses Have a Completely Different Genome to The Rest of Life on Earth
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    I want to believe.
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  4. The truth IS out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Sorry I didn't mean to derail your thread.

    The thing about the story you posted that stands out to me the most is that everything is evolving constantly. People change the food that they eat all the time because some food sources run out. It is part of evolution being able to adapt and change to the environments. The problem with this is that the largest food source on the planet is people. It seems inevitable that there will come a point when a virus, parasite, animal, etc will adapt to feed off the largest food supply there is. When that happens...

    Now we have people out there who think the world shouldn't have people in it. This is batshit crazy but eugenicists like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Teddy Roosevelt, Winston Churchill etc are actual people. They want to breed and/or engineer a superior race of men just like Hitler. Of course this also means they need to kill most of us... All of us if their AI works out.

    So what if they were able to modify the Z strands in this new bacteria and adapt them to human DNA? It seems likely that they could make it both so that bacteria and viruses like the Flu are much harder to kill but also they could engineer humans to last much longer as well. It seems very obvious that there are applications to both damage the 'peasants' while making themselves stronger. I guess its good to be on top.
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    There are conspiracies afoot at this very moment that would have been utterly beyond the comprehension of the ordinary person in, say, 1945.

    Or 1960, for that matter.

    And probably 2020, when you get right down to it.

    I have studied much, and in detail, and am happy to say that of the thousands of intelligent star-faring races that exist in our part of the Galaxy, only 10-15% of them consider humans an active food source.
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    The long pig is too tough and stringy for most Alien Cultures.
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