Quad Rail AR Picatinny handguards

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by stg58, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. stg58

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    When they first came out I was not impressed with the Picatinny quad rail handguards partially because some guys at the range hung all kinds of junk on them like but not as bad as the lower pictures.
    But I switched a 16" AR over to a set odf Midwest Industries handguards a few weeks ago and I like them on a limited basis.

    Midwest Industries: Tactical Handguards


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  2. Yard Dart

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    I would like to break that weap down and spread them parts across many of my tool's.... of course they would have to be pulled out of the drink first....damn fishing habit & a clumsy old fool. Anyways.... I like the quad rail, just don't like it enough to use it on a platform I have.
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  3. Sand Spyder

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    That would make the weapon even heavier and quite clumsy in my humble opiniom. I'd rather have a fraction of that and make up the weight with spare magazines and perhaps a suppressor.
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  4. ghrit

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    hehehehe. Interesting weapon, stg58. Gotta luv a joke --
  5. CATO

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    I have those on all mine too. Quite pleased with them.
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  6. Sand Spyder

    Sand Spyder Monkey

    How did I miss the Swiss army knife?
  7. NotSoSneaky

    NotSoSneaky former supporter

    The winged hood ornament is nice touch but if you used one off a Mercedes it'd make a great CQB sight. [tongue]
  8. BTPost

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    Been looking for a Bulldog Hood Thingy for AlaskaChick's RED Toyota 4X4 Pickup Truck.... Just the thing, every Beast needs on it's Hood....
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  9. oldawg

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    Look up Mack hood ornaments. Many to choose from both factory and aftermarket.
  10. kellory

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  11. oldawg

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    Man all that gear would make my Hawken tacticool right?
  12. Sand Spyder

    Sand Spyder Monkey

    I have a fieldline pack from Wal-mart Oldawg. Its coyote and covered in MOLLE webbing. Apparently its cooler than your Hawken would be loaded down with all that stuff. I had to quit using it in urban enviroments because I got stopped all the time by people wanting to talk to me about it. Just thibk what it would be like it I put a patch on it like the survivalists do! Lol.
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  13. Grand58742

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    Midwest Industries is top notch IMO. However I have gone away from all four sides to a MI Gen 2 SS type that I can put rails on wherever I need them.

    If I was to go for broke, I'd probably go with a BCM Keymod type in the future. But I'm in no hurry to replace all my doodads at the same time.
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  14. 3M-TA3

    3M-TA3 Cold Wet Monkey Site Supporter++

    I'm not a huge fan of quads, and instead prefer lighter, easier to handle hand guards like the Troy Alpha or Samson Evolution. I can always attach a rail section anywhere I want. That Midwest Industries unit looks pretty well made, though.
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