Rage Against the Machine

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    By: Devvy
    January 3, 2008

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    "One man with courage makes a majority." --President Andrew Jackson

    Today is the Iowa caucus. In five days the New Hampshire primary will take place. Candidates from the Republican and Democrat parties are attempting to get the vote, no matter how many lies and false promises they have to make. The exception is Congressman Ron Paul, whose voting record for 22 years and his absolute consistent stand on constitutional government cannot be disputed. No flip-flopping, no tarts in the back ground, no scandals and this man will never sell us out to any special interest group in this country or globally, i.e., the Bilderberg group of world totalitarian monsters.

    Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, Sam Brownack and Tommy Thompson, all pro war mongers and players for the machine have been treated with respect. The media, print and electronic, have called Dr. Paul undignified names, ridiculed and made fun of his supporters calling us kooks. Nothing even close has been heaped on the Democrat candidates.

    However, according the all the network news political correspondents as well as print publications, whoever wins Iowa and New Hampshire, well, it's all over. Even Patrick Buchanan has thrown out this propaganda: "With the New Hampshire primary on Jan. 8, and the Iowa caucuses dead ahead, the nominees of both parties may be known in two weeks. Surely, after Feb. 5, when a slew of primaries are held, both races will be all but over." Additionally, the machine has decided that based on the outcome of the Iowa caucus, ABC and FAUX News will decide which candidates they will cut from their upcoming GOP debate. Before a single vote is cast today, ABC and FAUX have already decided to bar Congressman Ron Paul from that debate. In other words, close to 45 MILLION Republican voters will get only the candidates deemed worthy by about 125,000 votes from Iowa.

    Who is behind all these Machiavellian tactics? I'll tell you: The machine that runs Washington, DC and your life. The machine that shoves their globalist candidates down your throat election after election after election. Then, playing right into their hands, Americans go to the polls in November, hold their nose and vote, election after election after election. Make no mistake about it: The Republican and Democrat national cesspool of power hungry jackals are well oiled, well greased machines that decide for you. They make the rules that lord over the sheep instead of we the people making the rules for those we choose to represent us.

    All of the candidates running are ballot qualified. They have completed all the paperwork, they are raising money, they are all entitled to run for the office of the president of these united States of America for as long as they feel they can. However, the machine doesn't want you to have that choice. Let me give a little example here of how the shadow government works. Brother Huckabee is an obscure governor from the State of Arkansas who emerged on the scene about the time ultra- liberal Rudy Julie Annie and Flip Romney were taking the lead in the pack. As more information became available about Rudy Julie-Annie and his support of sodomy and abortion, the Christian Right began to say, no thanks.

    Flip Romney's religion, Mormon, became an instant issue with Christians with all kinds of claims being made about his religion. A straight forward explanation of Mormonism can be read here. I asked a friend of mine who is Mormon if this is an accurate portrayal of his religion and he said yes. As the article points out, there are some profound differences between Christianity and Mormonism and this is where the Christian Right if not outright rejected Flip, they were/are wary. Contrary to some of the hate mail I've received from Mormons over one of my columns, this isn't a condemnation by me towards the Mormon religion, it's simply a documented fact.

    Congressman Ron Paul represents a clear and extreme danger to the agenda of the globalists and shadow government who have gone into hyper drive to once and for all destroy this republic and turn America into a world region, so he was to be marginalized at all costs. In their arrogance, the henchmen pulling the strings for the machine decided no one would support Dr. Paul and so he was ignored until December 16, 2007, the day he raised more money than any political candidate in history in a 24-hour period. There is another Ron Paul money bomb planned on February 3, 2008, for the anniversary of the fraudulent ratification of the so-called income tax amendment. The IRS and DOJ and buffoons in Congress will tell you the Sixteenth Amendment was ratified, but they are lying through their teeth. Court certified historical documents prove otherwise, i.e.:

    The 4 states listed below are among the 38 states that Philander Knox claimed ratification from:

    The Kentucky Senate voted upon the resolution, but rejected it by a vote of 9 in favor and 22 opposed.
    The Oklahoma Senate amended the language of the 16th Amendment to have a precisely opposite meaning.
    The California legislative assembly never recorded any vote upon any proposal to adopt the amendment proposed by Congress.
    The State of Minnesota sent nothing to the Secretary of State in Washington.

    Ron Paul has pledged as one of his first, major goals as president is to get rid of the terrorist operation called the IRS. There is no need for a direct tax and beware of these alternative taxing schemes proposed by constitutionally stupid, Brother Huckaee, because they will only continue to fund our destruction. Dr. Paul has promised to get us out of these destructive trade treaties, stop the hemorrhaging of American jobs and stop the NAU; see here.

    Because of the unrest in the Republican base, the Christian Right, "Not particularly interested in running" candidate, Fred Thompson entered the race, bringing not only a sloth like attitude, his message is the same worn out one used by his fellow candidates. That plan has fizzled. In order to counter the drums of "we'll stay home on election day" from the Christian Right, our obscure governor, Brother Huck, suddenly begins to emerge as the holier-than-thou candidate for the right. He convinces tough guy, Chuck Norris, who really has done so many wonderful things, that he's the next coming of Christ. Oddly, this doesn't seem to swell Brother Huck's campaign coffers. And, then....


    And, then, Brother Huckabee speaks to the treasonous Council on Foreign Relations - the hat trick that wins the brass ring. Here's a malleable, pro-war, pro-illegals boy who does the folksy God-talk to perfection and can deliver the Christian Right or a large percentage of that voting block. We have our boy! Suddenly, the media is fawning all over Brother Huck, while at the same time conducting the most transparent, despicable and well orchestrated black out of any presidential candidate in my lifetime. Somehow along the way, pro-war monger, pro-illegal aliens invasion, John McCain suddenly leaps up in the polls when scant weeks ago he was written off as the has been candidate. Can you believe it? Why, yesterday morning, the political huckstlers for FAUX News were practically peeing their pants: McCain has now taken the lead nationwide! Who are they polling? Mexico City, LA, Phoenix, El Paso and Guadalajara?

    This is the machine at work and this machine is trying to do everything in their power to deny you the right to vote for the candidate you feel is best suited as our next president. The same applies to the Democrat candidates, Marxist Hillary Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Richardson, Biden - although there's not a dime's worth of difference between any of them. All big tax and spend liars who pretend to have your best interests at heart. All of them making promises they know they can't keep. Obama's well greased PR machine continues to grind out his "change you can believe in" hustle which is just more of the same failed policies. However, Democrats have the right to support the candidate of their choice, but the machine is going to take that away based based on Iowa and New Hampshire. This rancid process is aided and abetted by a corrupt media who no longer make any pretense of impartiality or fair and balanced.

    Here's how this rip off works. About 125,000 voters for each party are expected to participate today in something called a caucus, roughly 250,000 votes is a good turn out for the numbers I could find. The 2006 general election for the entire state turned out 1,071,509 votes. So, we're to swallow that this small number of votes cast today are the barometer for a presidential candidate for the whole country?

    In a few days the New Hampshire primary will take place. The live free or die state has about 700,000 registered voters; no telling how many will actually vote. In November 2008, about 100 MILLION Americans will go to the voting booth, yet the machine is telling us that if Ron Paul doesn't win Iowa and New Hampshire, it's all but over? While I respect my fellow Americans casting their vote in Iowa and New Hampshire, I resent that those voters - according to the machine - are to decide for the rest of us 100 MILLION voters. The whole process is a slick sham.

    February 5, 2008, dubbed "Super Tuesday," is the next batch of primaries and by then the same machine masquerading as one party will decide who they're going to shove down your throat. The machines and the media will decide which of the "top tier" candidates will best serve the agenda for totalitarian government and jam it right down your throat. I say no more! No more rigged machines, no more candidates for the highest office in this country who serve their global masters and have no intention of upholding the Constitution of the United States.


    Congressman Ron Paul has said he's in this for the long run. He continues to raise top dollars to run a viable campaign, but FAUX News Network or some strangers who run the Republican Party (the same goes for the Democrats) are going to tell we the people that Dr. Paul can't run any longer because X number of votes cast in a couple of states disqualifies him? The machine is going to once again manipulate the numbers and crank up their propaganda machine with "Ron Paul can't win" or the party has made it's choice and take that! Who the hell do these people think they are? I know who they are and so should you: They represent the down fall of this republic and more endless wars based on mountains of lies.

    Here's a news flash for FAUX "News" Network, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, David Rockefeller, Angela Merkel, Chancellor Germany, Sean Hannity, the globalist water boys at the National Review, Limbaugh, the whole rotten bunch of Bilderbergers and what passes for the "mainstream media" in this country: Americans feel raw rage at what's going on with our elections and our country. We number in the millions, we know who you are, your agenda and every day, more Americans are finding out the truth.

    We aren't going to take it one more time. This republic is in melt down. We are as close to annihilation as it gets with this push for a North American Union/SPP.

    We refuse to allow your machine to dictate our lives and choices anymore - and that is going to extend to the congressional races, too.

    No matter how dirty you play, we will fight back. The Timid Tommy's can step to the back of the room and assume their place in line as so eloquently expressed by Samuel Adams, revolutionary war hero: "If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

    We will be in your face over vote fraud. No more stolen elections via rigged machines. We the people believe in fair and impartial elections even if our candidate doesn't win. Stealing the elections is shamelessly un-American and we will not put up with it any more. If you haven't read The Battle of Athens, you should. This brave, courageous group of Americans back in 1946 refused to put up with any more crooked elections.

    Ron Paul supporters: Tell your state convention delegates to the Republican National Convention we demand Ron Paul be the next president of this country. The Republican Party needs you, but you don't need the Republican Party that is taking this country to straight to Hell, right along with he Democrats. Ron Paul can turn the direction as president. If for some tragic reason Ron Paul isn't the Republican nomination, I will NOT vote for the machine's choice because I know what Romney, Huckabee, McCain and all the rest stand for and it's bad for America. I will NOT vote for the continued destruction of my country even under the threat of stopping a true menace named Hillary Clinton. I am sick of being threatened by the forces of evil of who don't care which party "wins," because the machine controls both of them. If you doubt that, remember these words from sleezy, serial adulterer, Bill Clinton, who sold our most sensitive defense secrets to the commie Chinese, late August 1998, speaking over in Ireland in response to a question as to what would he do if removed from office through impeachment: ".....You know, by the time you become the leader of a country, someone else makes all the decisions."

    Americans are taking a stand against the machine because we're not going to take it anymore.

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