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Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by Odglock, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Odglock

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    I am looking for a first aid kit that is already put together. Chest seal, quick clot, tourniquet and anything else needed.

    Any suggetions?

  2. HK_User

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    Easy enough to find the kit with the iems you want.

    Here is a place I suggest you check. The Buyers Cove First Responder First Aid & Gunshot Kits

    I'd suggest you double bag whatever you buy for two reasons.

    1. To keep the gear dry.

    2. So the druggies do not see the bag as a drug source.

    I keep mine in an older, water proof and dirty OD bag.

    No red cross or EMT icons.
  3. Silversnake

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  4. RoninDelta

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  5. Odglock

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    Thanks guys. Curious about why to avoid NAR. They come up the most on a google search.
  6. -06

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    Ready made is OK for basics. Take an EMT (or more) course. Those skills will be more valuable than two kits. About a half dozen of us started our rescue unit. We built our own kits/gear/splints/sand bags/etc. You can also if needed. I have a large plastic sack of 4X4s, stretch bandaging, gauzes, and "battle dressings" that were give to me. Our main first aid kit is three feet long by about a foot square. There are ample supplies/gear to do most anything needed in the field. Take at least a first responder course--the life you save may be mine so train hard--lol.
  7. Marco Montana

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    You honestly better off making one of your own with "Your" needs... I bought a small water tight container and set out to purchase things I may need in an emergency situation.

    I bought Water procurement tablets (Chlorine Dioxide)
    Bandaids medium
    vaseline lip balm
    anti Diarrhea tablets
    Claritin ( allergy treatment )
    neosporin packs
    alcohol wipes
    medium bandages
    needle and sewing thread
    Asthma tablets
    tiny bic lighter

    Its not everything, but with that tiny box I can pretty much take care of whats needed. When I get home Ill take some pics.
  8. WindWarrior

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    I agree that you are best off making a PFAK suited to your specific needs and training. Most kits are either too basic or are designed for EMTs with short-term stabilization and immediate transportation to a tertiary care setting (trauma hospital).

    I designed my personal medical packs for longer-term needs in an austere environment - with the idea that there will be no ambulance coming (think offshore sailing, 3rd World country or WROL) and separated the kits into "must-have" stuff in a backpack and "more involved" stuff base kits. I repackage all of my kit's contents into single-treatment sized units and vacuum pack them. This gives me space for more gear and prevents water and moisture intrusion.

    Because I am a trained medical professional, my "needs" in a medical pack will probably be very different from yours. I strongly suggest getting some basic-intermediate emergency medical training and reading an EMT-Basic book.
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  9. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    I statrted off looking for the perfect kit also EMT certs after making kits for my bug out bags and one for the vehicle. More things started to come to be about what if's so I now have the above listed kits a three of the large blue response bags stored at the house to be grabbed on the way out if SHTF.
  10. ViamFec

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    I agree - it is almost always better to put together your own kit, of known quality products. This is the age of cheapness - most shoppers go straight for the lowest prices - so that many companies are forced to cut corners and use less than ideal raw materials and workmanship for their products and offerings.
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