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Discussion in 'Politics' started by oth47, Jan 18, 2012.

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    Obama rejected the oil pipeline from Canada.Way to go,Barack,we didn't need those few jobs anyway.
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    We didn't need the oil as much as china did neither.
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    In case anyone has missed the obvious, creating jobs is not difficult, it's keeping them going that is the problem. Construction is but one example, hire to build, lay off when the project is done. Shovel ready? Yeah, but temporary just about by definition. As near as I can tell, about the only jobs remotely approaching permanent these days are gubbermint jobs, and I'm sure there will be lots of argument about that. As long as the population continues to increase without bound, it will be more and more difficult for labor to keep pace with the advances in productivity reducing the number of workers needed per unit of population.

    Gotta say, I like the pipeline conceptually. Gotta also say that getting rights of way, well, that isn't done, and will take years as will overcoming environmental obstructionists.

    Zero is still wrong, as habitually true.
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    From preliminary title work to last backfill and reseeding of the last tract of land on 1700 miles of pipeline is hardly "temporary," and I doubt the prospect of being involved in a five to seven year project would be sniffed at by lots of the 25 million Americans now out of work.

    The Negroid In Grand Government Environmental Relations ( I seldom use acronyms regarding the illegal alien occupying the White House !) stated before his election by the 53 % stupidest people in America that he would do his damndest to break the fossil fuel industry. He's got a large interest in the Carbon Credit Exchange (that Solyndra was founded solely to take advantage of) based out of Chicago... still trying hard.
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    This morning, Trans Canada said they are looking to shorten the route of the Pipeline, so that it doesn't cross the boarder to Canada, and therefor does NOT need the Federal Governments APPROVAL, to proceed, with the construction. The thing they didn't say, WAS, that they could then lengthen it to connect from Montana to Alberta, latter when the FEDs aren't so interested in getting themselves ReElected, by pandering to their Greenie Base..... Not a bad Plan B, if you ask "Me"... This is all preparatory to this same company building, the Alaska to Canada Natural Gas Pipeline, which then would move NG from the Alaskan North Slope to Alberta, where some of that NG could be turned into Petroleum, and pumped down this same line, and, also NG can be pumped into the Northern Tier Natural Gas Pipeline that feeds the whole Central USA, from Alberta. The whole issue is in the volume of the current Pipelines was not sufficient, to allow for the extra North Slope products to be moved south, without more capacity, being built. These Canadians don't miss a bet..... ..... YMMV....
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    Another tidbit of news related to this was Canada is apparently thinking to diversify and sell the oil that was to be transited into the US via this pipeline to an "Asian" market, ostensibly China.
    Canada Will Sell Oil To China If US Keeps Delaying The Pipeline - Business Insider

    So, that fixes some of China's oil supply issues if Iran gets shut down and China cannot purchase the 20% of their oil needs from Iran in the near future. Geopolitics, gotta love em.
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