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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Tango3, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    Managed to squirrel away abit over $300.00 in my toy cookie jar fund.
    I am lacking a good.22 for the ride.I have an old,cheap hand me down bolt( marlin)and have been wrestling with the bolt/autoloader thing...
    obvious answer get a 10/22:
    However by the time I get a bull barrel/stock we 're talking $4-$500 .I understand the 597'suffered through 3 different magazines...But the triggers are supposed to be better.
    They are supposed to be more accurate straight out of the box.
    I like the looks and feel of the laminated woodstock.

    Gander mtn has one "stainless" bull barrel stickered at $320.0 Takes a long time( ebay ) to squirrel away gun money...

    Does anyone have one of these???Any thoughts on a must have.22 that I'm not gonna have to rebuild?? Orshould I save a bit more and get a nice new adult boltgun like a savage bv-II, cz/ reminton5 or a 77/22???[gone]foosed
    I'd like it to shoot .5 inch at 50 yards (or better; Is that asking too much of this price level?)...
  2. toemag

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    This is what my 10/22 will do at 50m, the ones out side were zeroing shots as the shot saver did a pretty good job.


    I got bored with the standard stock and did some DIY, truly free floating that barrel. The locals didn't like it, so in the meantime I have got a Stuetzen style stock and fitted a 4x32 Leapers scope, chopping and changing....

  3. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    Schweet... one for the 10/22 std barrel...Nice custom work by the way!
    Things that make you go hmmmmm : new 10/22( 20" rifle) $200; leaving Abit over$100 for glass and a mount. I think a good .22lr is a necessary tool for tough times...
    Andif it shoots like "dog dooky", A call to butler creek and/or varquartson will fix it right up..
    Perhaps the10/22 does make the most sense..
  4. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

  5. toemag

    toemag Monkey++

    BTW., I still have the standard trigger fitted, a little patients and some elbow grease to polish some areas of the system, and bobs your uncle.

    I build my position as follows, bench, box with a sand bag, turn the sandbag on its side and form a trough in the middle, then I have a rice bag for the stock to provide a stable platform and it is important to try a few types of ammo, the Winchester that I'm wasting at the moment refuses point blank to consistently group in the same hole, as the 50rounds of RWS ammo did on the above target.

  6. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    Its tony's fault!

    walnut"deluxe "stock ( impressed checkering),18.5" carbine, bushnell 3-9x32
    It's simple; A man's gotta have a 10/22: testicles. spectacles, watch, wallet, 10/22
  7. toemag

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    I have not heard that since I left home to join the Army when I was 16 years old.:lol:[lolol].

  8. monkeyman

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    Well if you still have money in the toy budget or build it back up you may consider something along these lines.

    Dont think its exactly the same model as my dads but the 5.4mm German trainers based off the K98 are absolutely AWESOME if you want a tack driver. They are a single shot bolt action and while a .22 is 5.5mm its made to fire them through a 5.4mm bore. You get HUGE chamber pressures and velocities and as a result they shoot flat and accurate further than I can. I know my dad has shot a couple squirles in the head at around 400 yards with it and no hold over. I used to cut twigs about the size of match sticks with it all the time at around 20 yards.

    It basicly gives you velocities better than center fire with the ammo weight, price, recoil and report of a .22. Find one with a good clean bore and functioning properly and you will never be likely to be able to shoot as accurate as the gun and should have power closer to a .223 than a .22. Draw back would be that it is a straight single shot and that you really do want to be sure you have glasses on since with the high chamber pressures it will some times split the brass and send hot powder back through the bolt and it sucks when it hits the eye (trust me). I have personaly put MANY thousands of rounds of .22LR through my dads and know he fed the family when he was a kid with it and put many more thousands of rounds through it. So they do hold up and do good.
  9. monkeyman

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    Oh and .22 CBs or shorts tend to preform out of it about like a LR from most others but sounds quieter than my Daisey 880 BB gun with 10 pumps.
  10. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    hmmm..cb's and shorts are my shortrange sustitute fo ran air rifle one thing the old bolt gun will do just fine.
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