Rick Perry's plan for America?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tulianr, Aug 21, 2011.

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    Found these statistics on the State of Texas, under Governor Perry, in an article in the Washington Times this morning. Perry has proudly proclaimed that he believes in keeping government small. Is this the result? Is this is his future view for America? It seems to me that America is heading to hell fast enough without his help. What do you think?

    • State Aid Per Pupil in Average Daily Attendance – 47th
    • Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) Scores – 45th
    • % of Population 25 and Older with High School Diploma – 50th
    • High School Graduation Rate – 43rd
    • Percent of Uninsured Children – 1st
    • Percent of Children Living in Poverty – 4th
    • Percent of Population Uninsured – 1st
    • Per Capita State Spending on Medicaid – 49th
    • Physicians per Capita – 42nd
    • Registered Nurses per Capita – 44th
    • Teenage Birth Rate – 7th
    • Births to Unmarried Mothers – 17th
    • Percent of Pregnant Women Receiving Prenatal Care in First Trimester – 50<sup>th</sup>
  2. beast

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    exactly how is perry related to the big "O"
    gotta be a cousin or something
    like a tornado and a cyclone, just dif shades o the same bull
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  3. tacmotusn

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    I think there might be more at play here than simple statistics. If you look at that ethnics demographics map that Seacowboys put up a few days ago some of the answers are there. Texas has a huge percentage of illegals.[dunno] I can only assume that skews the statistcs greatly. Just playing devils advocate here ....
  4. UGRev

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    Rick Perry is a crony capitalist, IMO.. and he'll do nothing for this country.
  5. Hispeedal2

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    Perry's rhetoric on TX succession that is often pointed out by libs sure makes him interesting in this race.

    His job growth in TX is impressive under these conditions. I heard it recently pointed out that 40% were minimum wage jobs and the other 60% were from stimulus money. My response is "great". Most states squandered stimulus money with stupid signs and I say any job is better than no job.

    He's not my number one pick, though.

    I bet Tac is right on the %.
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  6. Tikka

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    Texas has jobs and a growing economy.
  7. BTPost

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    I have two Son-In-Laws, and both got NEW Jobs, (High Paying Jobs) in Austin, TX in the last six months. Both have very good Educations, and are qualified in many fields of endeavor. I suspect that they could get work, just about anywhere, but Texas is where they are. It isn't like there ARE NO JOBS, available, it is like there are FEW Jobs, where a solid Education is NOT a requirement. OJT doesn't get it done, in todays Job Market, as there are plenty of folks out looking who have that, but do NOT have the Educational background , to fill in the holes where OJT doesn't go. That is what the technical jobs REQUIRE, these days, and where the better Paying Jobs are..... .... YMMV....
  8. Tikka

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    The company employs college students as interns; quite a few of them had job offers in Texas.
  9. UGRev

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    Government doesn't create jobs. Just keep that in mind.
  10. Hispeedal2

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    The gov't does set conditions either favorable or not favorable to job growth. Taxes come to mind as one of the obvious conditions.
  11. Espada

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    White Texans comprise about 48 % of the population of the state. Same parasite problem California has, but with different management, different results.

    Jesus Christ isn't running in 2012... we'll have to do with a human being. One-sided, selective & slanted statistics remind us of Mark Twain's statement on the matter.
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  12. Falcon15

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    Please allow me to throw in my [2c]. Texas only reelected Perry due to the fact that Rick Perry was the lesser of evils. Every single person who voted for him, to my knowledge, voted for him only because of this. The Texas "growth" economy is actually a very stagnant status quo. The only saving grace for the entire state is the energy sector, particularly petrochem. I am a highly trained, experienced logistician in the petrochemical/energy sector, and competition for jobs is fierce, to say the least. Five months with 2 interviews, compared to 3 days unemployed 7 years ago. Oil prices are a definitive factor in job growth and with falling crude prices, due to manipulation, is a major factor. Just an FYI - WTI (west Texas Intermediate crude) is a fable. It is not being pumped, stored or processed in significant quantity, if at all. It is all BRENT (North Sea) or Arab oil. West Texas is now a vast gas dome, and a majority of growth there is in building new facilities to extract, process, and store natural gas. As a matter of fact several large secondary crude processing facilities - ie chemical plants - have completely shut down and closed, shoving hundreds of highly skilled workers into the unemployment sector. Job growth is being seen only is support industries - most notably IT and the service industries - as in sales and marketing.

    How do I know this? Oil, gas, chemicals, and other products created from oil have to be moved and they are *not* moving. The massive expansion at a large refinery in Port Arthur is at a near standstill, and the oil they process is either BRENT or Arab crude. Not WTI.

    The government of Texas, just 2 years ago, restructured the entire business tax collection system - under the guise of addressing the financial shortfalls of the public school system. It did nothing more than drive small businesses out. Many, many, small and independent companies in the Oil and Gas sector have reduced their workforce, laid off many employees, and in many cases took drastic measures to contain the new tax law damage. Extreme in that they entirely restructured under a different type of corporation, shifted massive amounts of revenue into safer, less taxable venues, ie. investments, and have since lost damn near everything. Some companies chose to file for bankruptcy, hoping the protections afforded by bankruptcy would allow them time to restructure and stay operational. These companies, 4 out of 10 times, failed and have since shut down, forcing even more skilled workers into the heavily burdened system.

    As to the public education budgetary shortfall...the state failed to do anything of note. The school systems here were still billions of dollars short, causing a total of 2500 teachers, statewide, to be laid off. In my wife's district alone, 250 tenured teachers were given pinks slips because the district could no longer afford to pay them. Entire programs, like Gifted and Talented, art, and music were slashed drastically or cut. Matter of fact there is no GT program in my wife's district any longer.

    What part of the Government of Texas is encouraging job growth?

    Additionally, Perry is not about limited Government. Perry personally signed into law several "questionable" and downright draconian laws, and only recently - to cover his political butt, rescinded some of those laws - because it makes him look good. Fact of the matter remains that he signed at least one Vaccination requirement into law in 2007, and only strenuous effort by the Texas senate and the Texas high courts prevented this from becoming a life threatening situation.
    How, then, would Perry be good for our nation? If he is doing such as this on a state level and Bush and Obottom have paved the way for draconian governmental actions, what will he do as President? Let Perry's record speak for itself.

    Ron Paul is a better choice by and far, IMO. His record is solid, his beliefs are those that he has never wavered from, and his words inspire confidence that even with a split senate and congress, he will not capitulate or back down from what needs to be done to restore us to a Constitutional Republic, within the constraints of Constitutional law!
  13. Catullus

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    Ron Paul for president! :)

    Rick Perry just strikes me as evil. I don't know why, just a first impression.
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  14. bassic

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    Perry will win. He is a politician, Ron Paul is not. I agree that Ron Paul is a LOT better candidate, but he lacks the "rock star status" that Perry has in the media. He is similar to Obama in many ways, but less Marxist/Communist than the current Pretender-In-Chief. He will be the "Establishment Man", to Ron Paul's "Common Man".

    Should Ron Paul lose, I'd absolutely LOVE to see him as Secretary Of The Treasury.

    Edit- Ron Paul is the only candidate that has not been caught in a bald-faced lie, AFAIK...honesty isn't dead, yet.
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  15. Tikka

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    The government can create jobs simply by not getting involved. The government kills jobs with regulations.

    So if all that means Perry as a leader knows enough to butt out of the private sector; then, he knows a lot more than 0bama etc.

    When Ron Paul said transfer our support to Cynthia McKinney he lost my vote forever.
  16. ozarkgoatman

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    Perry's plan=NWO/Agenda 21

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  17. UGRev

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    Creating a frame in which business can grow is a far cry from actually creating a worthwhile business
  18. BTPost

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    As far as I am concerened, ANY Politico's "PLAN" is just more BS, and HOT Air, until, they start Getting OUT of My Way, and the way of my employer. Do that and maybe I will listen to their BS a bit more than I do now....Otherwise they ARE the problem, NOT the Answer..... ..... YMMV.....
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  19. Tikka

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    Well said.

    What many do not realize is 0bama's regulations have created jobs which are in other nations.

    The fed needs to get out of the economy's way and do something useful such as deporting illegals.
  20. bassic

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