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    Even before the time I bought my first Fujitsu scanner nine years ago, I was looking for a virtual faxing solution. I was old school then. Had a business land line and a land line fax number. It was inconvenient to dial in for messages. And as I was mostly out of the office, I had no idea about faxes coming in until I got back in to my office. Nor could I send one until I got back. I have had times where I was at the airport getting ready to fly out and receive a call on my cell phone. And a request for a fax. Had to wait until my return. Not ideal.

    So after much searching, I settled on RingCentral and have been using them for I think about ten years. And after I picked up the Fujitsu scanner, it was a perfect match.

    Business Phone Plans and Pricing: Cloud Phone System, Video Conferencing, Team Collaboration, and Online Fax Plans | RingCentral

    Pricing: I pay roughly $500 per year. This gives me a dedicated business line and a dedicated business fax number. Both numbers were my original ones that got ported over, so no disruptions. $500/yr is also about what I was paying for my land line numbers.

    Convenience: I can receive and make calls as well as receive and send faxes from my computer, phone or tablet. Awesome. I am notified when a call comes in, a fax is received or sent, and if I have a message. Importantly, I am also notified if a fax does not go through. And sending a fax is as simple as sending an email.

    Reliability: No issues in the time I have been using them. I don't even think my pricing has changed.

    I continue to use them for my business phone line and faxing needs. Now my phone has two lines. My cell phone and my business line. They have different ring tones so I can tell the difference. Just as my family members have their own uniques tones.

    One time a few years ago, a friend of mine called me from his law firm while I was with the kids in the park. I'm hanging out and he asked me to fax him something. Two minutes later, I am hanging out again. But his document was found and faxed over. Good stuff.

    Another one that I highly recommend.
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