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    Now this article is just hilarious!

    Bin Laden said to be in Iran -

    So, basically, US and ALL their allies are spending like billions of $$$, CIA, NSA, Mosad, MI5 or 6 and God knows who else are allegedly "searching" for him, claiming to be in Pakistan, and Kuwaiti journalist "discovers" him in IRAN???
    This is no longer funny, nor it's a false flag...this is un-fracking-believable!!!
    So, Osama is going to cruise the globe from country to country, picking the next attack victim???
    And this" The leak that Erdogan is aware of bin Laden's location is intended to show the Obama administration the extent of Erdogan's ties to Iran." .... so, Turkey is next victim and next terrorist country to be attacked after Iran??? Turkey, that has democracy and secular system???

    Bravo! Great job!... I just can't understand why all those agencies aren't called "unintelligent" instead of intelligence agencies, cause the crap they are trying to pull is fracking transparent and naive!!!
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    Yes, these stories are for the dumbed-down crowd who still believe what the television and government say.
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