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    I just got this:

    Iowa went fine guys. While the result was not quite as quite good as we would have liked today, there are plenty of positives to take out of Iowa and we are in a much better position than many of our competitors. Below are some positive messages we should be using when we talk about Iowa to friends, family, undecided voters and the media.

    (1) Contrary to what some here believe, we did significantly outperform our polls, just as we had been saying we would do all along.

    According to Real Clear Politics, we were polling at 7.3% in the last five polls taken before the caucus (on average) yet, as of writing this, we are at 9.8%, meaning that we performed more than 34% better than we polled. That is a substantial overperformance—about twice as good as anyone else in the field.

    (2) Despite the fact that we put very little effort into Iowa until very late in the game and despite the fact that Ron Paul spent less time in Iowa than any other candidate (in a state where in-person campaigning is essential) and despite our shabby treatment by the mainstream media we still were just 3 points out of third place.

    (3) We destroyed former front-runner Rudy Giuliani—absolutely destroyed him with almost triple his vote total—and don’t be fooled—Rudy didn’t compete here because he couldn’t compete not because he didn’t want to.

    (4) The winner in Iowa, Mike Huckabee, is completely unacceptable to large portions of the Republican party from Rush Limbaugh to the National Review crowd. Iowa has a much higher percentage of evangelicals than will primaries coming forward. Huckabee ain’t going to win New Hampshire and has little national organization.

    (5) Meanwhile, of the other contenders, it was an unmitigated disaster for each of them. Despite spending tons of time and million of $ in Iowa Romney was crushed. And he’s going to lose to McCain in New Hampshire. McCain meanwhile, did not get the bounce that he needed from this performance. He is still low on cash and though he is likely to win New Hampshire it’s not obvious how he does well afterwards. Thompson’s performance was likewise weak given his sole focus on Iowa and his one time front-runner status. He is going absolutely nowhere in New Hampshire. He is also totally out of money. He may drop out of the race soon. Meanwhile Giuliani was embarrassed in Iowa and is toast going forward.

    So where does that leave us? We have a wide open race right now. We are likely to be top 3 in Wyoming and we should also do fairly well in South Carolina and Nevada, where we have spent time building our base while everyone else was in Iowa.

    Virtually every other candidate is broke and with the exception of Huckabee, they won’t pull in more money based on their Iowa performance. Meanwhile, we have millions in the bank and with our huge grassroots base, we can easily raise millions more. That money will matter a lot more in states that, unlike Iowa don’t allow candidates to meet every voter. This is where we begin to use our finances to our advantage.

    We’re not going to have a clear winner going into Super Tuesday on Feb. 5th. Right now, we have a large funding base and the organization to get out our message and reach voters. Almost all our competition doesn’t because they have spent all of their time and money in Iowa and New Hampshire. While it is still an uphill fight for the nomination (as it always was, eternal optimists on this forum aside) we are coming out of Iowa in a better position than we came in and we are well placed to do some real damage in the primaries going forward.

    The Revolution Continues!
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    January 03, 2008
    Iowa Kristo-Fascists vs. Ron Paul
    Posted by Lew Rockwell at January 3, 2008 09:38 PM

    Ronald Reagan lost the Iowa caucuses in 1980 before going on to victory. And this year, Ron Paul got more than 10% of a bunch dominated by older party hacks, neocons, Bush lovers, and religious rightists. It was NOT a group equivalent to the people of Iowa, let alone the people of New Hampshire or the rest of the country. Indeed, considering the media hate and supression campaign waged almost unanimously against him, this was a credible finish.

    Tuesday in New Hampshire is our day, then Michigan, South Carolina, Super Tuesday, right through the entire election and beyond. Ron has taken the first step on a long road towards overturning the apparatus of empire: the state, media, military-industrial, central banking rip-off artists. Ron has build a huge national movement of young people who will have far more of an effect in a state like NH than among the hack-tivists of Iowa, and on into the future.

    The peace and freedom revolution has much work to do. But we didn't sign on for a short-term. We are in this for life, and we remember always what the libertarian Thomas Paine said: "These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."
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    I wondered how he did. I had been watching Faux News and they didn't even mention his name.
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    He is reported at 10% and I strongly suspect we will see videos like those of the straw polls in Florida where to many folks voteing for the 'wrong' candidate show up and they change the rules or cancel it, especialy given that for some time he had been winning straw polls in Iowa and the fact they had a much greater turn out number than usual and that would fit for being RP supporters who like many had quit takeing part in the system out of disgust but got some hope seeing RP.
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