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    I didn't write this, but couldn't have said it better.


    "Ron Paul doesn't have a chance to win. You can't fight City Hall. Death and taxes." It's all a bunch of enemy propoganda rolling across the our picket line. We saw it all throughout the Twentieth Century. Now, in the Twenty-first Century, it's time for us to stand-up tall, and to let the establishment know that we're not going to let them cram us into their rat maze anymore. We will no longer submit to their agenda of dehumanization and disenfranchisement. I don't know about you, but I'm concerned about what's happening in this broken and aching world I wake-up to each morning. I'm concerned about the systems of control wielded against us each day, and about the neverending, circular conflict between power and powerlessness which has been so corrosive to the American spirit. I want freedom, and more of it--not tyranny, and that's what you should want too. It's up to each and everyone of us to turn-loose just some of the greed, the hatred, the envy, and yes, the insecurities, because that is their most effective method of controlling us--make us feel pathetic and small so we'll, willingly, give-up our sovereignty, our liberty and our destiny. We have got to realize that we are being conditioned on a mass scale. Start challenging this corporate slave state that rules over us all. The Twenty-first Century is going to be a new century. Not the Century of Slavery. Not the Century of Lies. It's going to be age of Americans standing up for something pure and something right. What a bunch of garbage--liberal Democrats, conservative Republicans. It's all phony, poorly-staged, left-right paradigm designed to control you. It's two sides of the same coin--two management teams bidding for the CEO job of Slavery Incorporated. The truth is out there in front of you, hidden in plain sight, but they lay-out this buffet of lies for us to consume. I'm sick of it, and I'm not going to take a bite out of it anymore. Ron Paul is going to win this thing. The American people are too good. We're not a bunch of underachievers. We're going to stand-up together and beat the odds. We are going to get fired-up and use our creativity, our energy, and our burning desire for freedom to show Slavery Incorporated that the dynamic human spirit of the Twenty-first Century refuses to submit.

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    haven'tseen Rons' name in any of these "polls" on the news tube but all of a sudden "HUUKA YUKKA BEE"I
    S THE SAVIOR OF THE PARTY( Why he is even for the consumption flat tax and doing away with the irs!)
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    This may be why you don't see RP in the polls. Major BS!!


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    If you want to get people to pay attention to the way polls are rigged it would be nice if the evidence was presented by a mature adult who didn't curse everyother word .

    We all use that kind of language when extremely upset but when it is used constantly the shock value turns into nothing but a sign of a an immature child who needs a spanking in a adults body , its way past time for Penn and Teller to grow up .
  5. BAT1

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    Keep on handing out his fliers and CD's. Once people do a little research on him, it spreads
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    I forgot about the language in the P&T section. I had posted that earlier in the Inferno for that reason. The first part of the clip was new to me. Thought it exposed the Polling bias pretty well.
  7. GeorgeK

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    I like his message of a smaller government. He sounds very Reaganesque. I also note he is the only candidate to come out against NAIS.
  8. melbo

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    Actually, Paul was one of only 4 republican congressmen that endorsed Reagan during his first run for Pres. All these so called conservatives shout reagan this and reagan that. Ron Paul was there from day one. He ran the entire Reagan delegation for TX
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    That can't be true. Sean Hannity assures me every day that the one and only definition of a republican is someone who supports the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Since Dr. Paul isn't even a republican, how could he be anything like Reagan? [booze][booze]
  10. Minuteman

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  11. GeorgeK

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    I didn't know that about Paul, but I take it as a good sign. The modern republicans don't seem very fiscally conservative like Reagan was.
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    Ron is now tied at #3 in Iowa. The establishment is starting to take notice.

    Ron Paul Emerging As More Of A GOP Contender
    KDKA Pittsburgh [FONT=verdana,sans-serif][SIZE=-2]Fri, 21 Dec 2007 6:03 PM PST[/SIZE][/FONT]
    His progress has been as gradual as a tortoise on ice, but Ron Paul can no longer be dismissed as the favorite of the fringe, reports CBS News correspondent Dean Reynolds.
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    Moving on up........

    Rising in the polls, even the rigged ones.

    Presidential candidate Ron Paul

    Few would have predicted that Ron Paul, little known outside Texas, would be a financially viable candidate long after former Virginia Gov. James Gilmore and others had dropped out

    Ron Paul speaks to what many voters used to think the Republican Party stood for; It will be interesting to see how he and his supporters affect the presidential race

    Ron Paul, the libertarian-oriented and anti-war 10-term Texas Congressman and Republican presidential candidate, has in some ways been the most interesting phenomenon of the early going in the campaign, although a case can be made for former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

    Dr. Paul’s Internet-oriented supporters are not only fervent, they have supported him with record-breaking amounts of money, most notably in two single-day fundraising "bombs" of more than $4 million and $6 million respectively.

    Few observers would have predicted last summer that Ron Paul, little known outside Texas, would be a financially viable candidate long after former Virginia Gov. James Gilmore, Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback and Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo had dropped out.

    Now, Ron Paul’s enthusiastic support is starting to show up in poll numbers. We’ll soon see if it translates into actual votes.

    So far Dr. Paul has not risen above single digits in either statewide or national polls, while Mike Huckabee has actually taken the lead in Iowa. But the most recent Washington Post/ABC News poll of likely Republican Iowa caucus-goers shows him tied with Rudy Giuliani at 8 percent, only one percentage point behind Fred Thompson at 9 percent, and ahead of Sen. John McCain, at 6 percent . Most interestingly, the only two candidates showing an upward trend are Huckabee and Paul; all the others have been trending downward.

    If those trendlines continue, Dr. Paul just might finish third in Iowa. He could do even better in New Hampshire, whose state motto is "Live Free or Die," reflecting a libertarian tilt.

    In Congress Ron Paul has consistently voted against tax increases and against spending that he doesn’t believe is authorized by the Constitution. As a small-government proponent who also advocates a more modest non-interventionist foreign policy, he speaks to what many voters used to think the Republican Party stood for. His positions also appeal to a substantial number of younger people.

    The Paul campaign is already the most significant pro-freedom mass movement of recent times. It’s time to find out if it brings him enough votes to at least give him a seat at the table when future policies are determined — and perhaps more.

  14. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    third in Iowa,finally a decent showing in the msm,I was beginning to think he wasn't a real person (an imaginary "harvey the rabbit "candidate)
    that only I could see.At least on my TV...foosed:lol:
  15. Minuteman

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    A couple of new articles on RP.

    Paul Most Searched GOP Hopeful
    Fri Dec 28, 6:25 PM ET
    WASHINGTON - Ron Paul registers in the single digits in most polls, but he's the top searched Republican presidential candidate on Google, according to the Web site's trend history.

    A large volume of hits for Paul in the last 30 days are coming from Iowa, as voters there prepare to caucus Jan. 3. The same holds true for most of his rivals, with the exception of Mitt Romney and John McCain.

    Disproportionally, more of Romney's searches in that span are coming from Utah, the seat of his Mormon faith. More of McCain's hits are disproportionally coming from New Hampshire, where he won the Republican presidential primary in 2000.

    People sought more information about the contenders around news events.
    Fred Thompson saw a spike in searches in early September, about the time the actor-politician announced his bid for the White House. He's now lower than he was in April. Romney saw an increase in the days surrounding his Dec. 6 speech on his faith.

    Mike Huckabee has been surging in the polls and seeing an increase in the number of people searching for his name. While he's a far second behind Paul, he's just ahead of Romney.

    McCain and Giuliani aren't searched as frequently, the site's search pattern shows.

    Friday, Dec. 28, 2007

    Hundreds of 'Veterans for Ron Paul' Endorsements Pour In

    ARLINGTON, Va. — Republican presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul continues to receive endorsements from veterans of America's armed services.

    In just a few days since launching an "I Endorse Ron Paul" page on, the number of veterans who have endorsed Congressman Paul has grown to over 200.

    The group consisting of retired members of each of the five military branches - the Army, Navy, Marines Corps, Air Force and the Coast Guard - has enthusiastically endorsed Dr. Paul, who served in the Air Force and Air National Guard as a flight surgeon.

    The group includes veterans of World War II, Korea, Vietnam, both Iraq campaigns and Afghanistan. Numerous active duty members have also contacted the campaign to express their support for Dr. Paul.

    According to newspaper studies of third quarter donations, Congressman Paul has received more donations from active and retired military personnel than any other 2008 presidential candidate - Republican or Democrat.

    Congressman Paul is no stranger to military support. Former president Ronald Reagan said, "Ron Paul is one of the outstanding leaders fighting for a stronger national defense. As a former Air Force officer, he knows well the needs of our armed forces, and he always puts them first. We need to keep him fighting for our country!"

  16. Minuteman

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    More good news for the campaign.

    Ron Paul Wins Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee Straw Poll

    ARLINGTON, Va. — Texas Congressman Ron Paul bested all other Republican Presidential candidates in the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee (OCPAC) straw poll conducted earlier this month, according to recently released results.

    In the poll - conducted December 16th - Congressman Paul received 44 percent of the vote, more than double that of second place Fred Thompson (17 percent). Mike Huckabee and Tom Tancredo tied for third place with 11 percent and no other candidate received double digit support.

    "Grassroots conservatives are sick and tired of business as usual in Washington, DC," said Ron Paul campaign manager Lew Moore. "Dr. Paul's message of limited government, respect for individual rights, and strict adherence to the Constitution resonates with citizens of the Sooner State."

    Congressman Paul also finished first in an email poll conducted by OCPAC, with 45 percent of the vote. In the email poll Mike Huckabee received 17 percent of the vote followed by Duncan Hunter with 15 percent and Fred Thompson at 14 percent. No other candidate received more than 5 percent.

    More information can be found on the campaign website:

    And this. Cool!!

    Ron Paul Blimp To Reach 70,000 Voters At Capital One Bowl
    Monday, December 31, 2007 9:41:20 PM

    The Capitol One Bowl Tuesday was set to pit Florida against Michigan.
    Besides their teams in the big game, the two states have one other thing in common: both are holding presidential primaries in January.
    At least one candidate has taken advantage of having all those voters in one place.

    The Ron Paul campaign planned to put a blimp up over the Citrus Bowl Tuesday before the game, so more than 70,000 fans attending the Capital One Bowl would be able to see it pass by the arena.

    "It's a way to get around the fact that we don't get a lot of mainstream media coverage for our candidate, and being a grassroots kind of campaign and organization, we have to be extra creative," said Jessica Diehl, co-chair of the Ron Paul campaign in Orange County.
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