Ron Paul Wins Five Straw Polls, MSM Remains silent

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    Ron Paul Wins Five Straw Polls, Mainstream Media Remains Silent
    Posted by Chris Brunner at August 23, 2007 05:28 AM

    Whether it's Washington, Alabama, New Hampshire, or South Carolina, the message is the same. We want our freedom, our rights, our money, and our country back, and we're willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Thousands are driving from all over their states to show support resulting in straw poll victories for Ron Paul with percentages as high as 81%. Dr. Paul has placed in a total of 16 straw polls now, tying him with Romney and thrusting him far beyond Giuliani in terms of visible support, and not a word about the trend can be heard from the mainstream media. To put this into perspective, there were over 4,800 articles in the mainstream media about the Iowa straw poll in which Mitt Romney spent over $200,000 ensuring his win, while there are a whopping 162 mainstream articles combined from all five straw polls in which Ron Paul was victorious. Most of these mentions are no more than a one-senence blurb incorporated into an article about a more general topic. But, this is the Internet, and we have access to the truth:

    Straw Poll Victories

    New Hampshire Taxpayers, July 7 ~ 1st 65.3%
    North Carolina, Gaston GOP, August 13, ~ 1st 36.6%
    New Hampshire, Stafford, NH, August 18 ~ 1st 72.7%
    Alabama, August 18 ~ 1st 81.2%
    Washington State, August 21 ~ 1st 28.1%

    Utah GOP, June 12, 2nd 5.4% conference, June 16 ~ 2nd 16.7%
    Georgia, Cobb Co. GOP, July 4 ~ 2nd 17%
    South Carolina, Georgetown Co., July 28 ~ 2nd 18%
    West Lafayette, Indiana, August 18 ~ 2nd 11.7%

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    Pretty amazing their ignoring this...... pisses me off.
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    Monday, August 20, 2007 -

    Unnoticed, or at least unreported by the mainstream press, GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-Tex) seems to be doing very well in straw polls – finishing first, second or third and often convincingly beating so-called “top tier” candidates such as Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani..

    Sources close to the Ron Paul campaign point to articles about Ron Paul’s performance in recent straw polls but admit that there does not seem to be a single over-arching article summarizing his performance. “If it were a top-tier candidate, there would be trend stories showing the strengthening of his performance and grass-roots support,” points out one source. “But since it’s Ron Paul, they don’t really seem to know what to do. They just keep reporting these disparate results and don’t seem to want to see the pattern that is building up.”

    Part of the problem may be that Ron Paul continues to finish very low in national polls, and that his straw poll results and national polls thus continue to be at loggerheads. “It’s a puzzling pattern for any mainstream reporter who’s been taught to trust in national polling, not matter how misleading we know that polling can be,” says this source. “It leads to cognitive dissonance, and that in turn leads to reportorial paralysis.”

    This source and others are convinced that the straw poll results and other upcoming electoral events are continuing to solidify Ron Paul’s presence as a substantive candidate. In fact, the recent endorsement of Wisconsin’s Ed Thompson is due to be followed up later this week by endorsements from two small-government GOP conservatives with “high, national name recognition” according to sources close to the Ron Paul campaign.

    “Ron Paul’s small government, anti-foreign-war message is striking home with both Democrats and Republicans,” says one source aware of the upcoming endorsements. “The straw polls show that clearly. They hope for a good result in the Texas straw poll as well.”

    Here are some statewide and regional straw polls that FMNN is aware of – in order, from first-place to fifth-place finishes.


    Alabama: first

    North Carolina: first

    New Hampshire Taxpayers: first

    New Hampshire: first


    National Taxpayers Union: second

    South Carolina: second


    NFRA (Republican straw poll): third

    Illinois: third

    Indiana: tied for third


    Iowa: fifth

    (2nd take, updated.)
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