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Discussion in 'Politics' started by CATO, Jul 16, 2011.

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    She is dead wrong: this president has been given more leeway than any other because criticize when it's deserved would be to show what an abject failure this jackass really is.

    If someone criticizes him on his actions, these people always conclude that the criticism was because of race, not the erroneous action.

    People are so hard on *this* president because he does everything wrong. This country was so set on electing a black president that they forgot to consider whether or not he had the qualification to do the job. It's obvious now, he did not, so, they're falling back on the idiot's race.

    Jackson Lee: Congress complicating debt ceiling because Obama is black - The Hill's Floor Action
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    Jackson Lee is a bigger idiot that Obumer.... Just look at her A**..... Now that is WIDE.....
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    0bama being black doesn't have diddly squat to do with anything; it was 0bama's ideology which failed not the color of his skin.
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    While i did'nt vote for the O i truly hoped he would surprise me and be a good president. But alas he has been what i expected from a community organizer.
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    about the only thing O has done right so far
    is not having started any race riots
    but im not holding my breath that it wont happen
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    When obummer was first enterred as a candidate, I thought someone was playing a joke on Hillary, or just putting in a no-name 'sacrificial goat' for her to trounce and win the nomination.

    Sadly, the joke was on America - who could guess a totally unknown do-nothing 'community organizer' (ie. activist) from Chitown could possibly get elected!? It was impossible! But with a BILLION dollar election war-chest, the total backing of the American Media and the utter stupidity of Liberals and fence-sitters everywhere who believed the acidic anti-Bush venom spewed by the shrill harpy pelosi, the unknown actually got 'immaculated' (as Rush says)......

    If this incompetent Soros Hand Puppet gets 'elected' again, it's not a joke - it's criminal spite. America may not survive another four years of his reign....... we certainly will no longer be a First World Superpower any longer.......
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