Gear Review Ruger BX25X25 10/22 22lr 50rd Pair

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    CDNN had these for $49 with free shipping over $99 so I bought 2 sets.
    Product Description:
    Brand New : Genuine Factory Ruger 10/22 22lr 50rd Pair Black Mag Stainless Steel Feed Lips, Stainless Steel Constant Force Spring, Anti-Tilt Follower Easily Disassembled for Cleaning

    I have some of the original all plastic 25 and 30 round mags which have always worked well but the lips will eventually wear out.

    The Ruger mags take it to a new level with heaver plastic with stainless feed lips and you can take them apart with a 5/32" hex tool, all major advantages over the original versions.

    I see that some others make steel lips and they are probably good but these mags are my new standard for my 10-22's
    Took them out to the range today and the fed clad and unclad bullets flawlessly.

    Downside I bought the BX25X25 10/22 22lr 50rd Pair thinking that they could be separated for single 25 round mags but they can't be separated you are stuck with a long heavier 25 round mag if you only load 25 rounds.

    I guess Ruger will get a few more of my $$$ for a few singles:)

    The 50 rd pair.


    The single version

  2. stg58

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    Picked up 4 of the single 25 round mags from CDNN when they had them on sale for $23.99 and no surprise they function flawlessly.
    The irony of these mags is that Ruger copied an after-market design when they always warned not to use after-market mags/parts and now they taken the design and made it better.
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    Yes, I still have a number of the "Ones that wouldn't work" per Ruger. Many thousands through those Red Lips with no problems.

    I did pick up 3 of the RUGER's just before the big crash.

    But best to use a 10 round if you want to swap round types.
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