Scott Adams take on the election - he correctly predicted Trump months ago.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by DKR, Nov 13, 2016.

  1. DKR

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    Scott Adams' Blog

    I'll let you read and decide for yourself.

    Money quote:
    As I often tell you, we all live in our own movies inside our heads. Humans did not evolve with the capability to understand their reality because it was not important to survival. Any illusion that keeps us alive long enough to procreate is good enough..

    It is no wonder why the Dilbert comics are insightful....
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  2. DarkLight

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    Wow. Absolutely correct (and we fell into the same routine 8 and 4 years ago), and very well, clearly and articulately stated without much if any fluff.
  3. Bandit99

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    "1. They believe they are smart and well-informed.
    2. Their good judgment told them Trump is OBVIOUSLY the next Hitler, or something similarly bad.
    3. Half of the voters of the United States – including a lot of smart people – voted Trump into office anyway."

    Boiled down? Yep! He is spot-on! He left out number four: they hate us. Spend some time and google around and see the tweets and articles and etc. They hate the people that voted Trump into office and consider us racists, women abusers, under educated, red neck gun nuts (guilty as charged on the last one). I have come to the conclusion that there is no longer any middle ground, hope I am wrong, but don't think so. We'll see.
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  4. arleigh

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    I kind a Figure that if trump pulls an obama, he will face an angry public more than has already been stirred,from all sides.
  5. DKR

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    There has been No 'middle ground' for at least the last 8 years. You are either for the Emperor or against...there is no other place to hold. With the inner city/urban population growing exponentially - the Press.Media more corrupt than ever before (and not in a good way) and the Nation being invaded by an Army sized wave of illegals every 9 months or so -- there can be no middle ground.

    I feel like I'm living in a SciFi movie and the BORG are winning....
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