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    Umm the won on the left will keep me safe..right... yeah that one... I think... uhh yeah. [stoner][stoner][stoner]
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    I prefer no signs, let it be known that all persons may likely be armed and prepared to respond! We had a piece of paper this one time a few years ago that said all there needs sayin 'bout that! Seams I remember it sayin something 'bout the right to keep and bear arms, or somethin like that! We don't need no stinkin signs!!!
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    I have noticed they put pictures on everything. Signs used to be just words. Now signs are words and pictures. Soon it will be just pictures and I think those pictures say it all.
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    Try starting a chainsaw or almost any gas powered tool. You'd think by now I could figure out the choke. Nope. Then there's the kill switch. Nope. [afro]
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    Here in Roseburg Oregon, we had the UCC shooting the only Gun Free Zone withing 100 miles except the court house.
    Oh and lets all guess where the guy from California moved up here and three month later chose UCC as a human hunting ground ??
    Yet the Liberal imports who run UCC still say they stand by their policy even after the shooting.
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    I'm not a big follower of signs because it interferes with my fun. Within reason of course. [afro]
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    Well, we've now seen several cases where gun free zones were turned into hunting grounds. We've even seen where citizens carrying ended "situations" quickly. What I have yet to see is a case where signs encouraging open (or concealed) carry has discouraged bgs. Now I know damn well that negative proofs are impossible logically, so the absence of incidents signed for encouragement tells us nothing.

    The direct answer to the question is that there is no sign ever written or to be written that will ensure anyone's safety. Setting things up so the bgs have no clue what they are facing is the best deterrent. Thus spake me, and maybe me only.
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    I never carry my gun into the Post Office because they have a sign up stating it's against the law.... yeah right!
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    The postmaster here sees me often enough that he's used to seeing a gun butt close to my butt. He's never said a word, nor have any of his minions or other patrons. I've tested that a couple time with OC, have not been called on it, not even once. There are some advantages to remote locations.
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    Here's your sign:
  13. Oltymer

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    do not read this sign.
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