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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kckndrgn, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. kckndrgn

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    OK, just got a new Droid Incredible. Now to start getting some apps for it :D

    What do you other monkeys use on your smart phones?

    I would like to keep them somewhat survival orientated, but they don't have to be.
  2. melbo

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    Quick sample from my iPhone 4

    U1 Contacts - ubuntu one contacts sync
    iMExchange2 - notes and tasks sync for Outlook Exchange
    Wordpress - editing my wifes blog
    shoutcast - internet radio (Alex Jones to and from work)
    Military Instructors Manual
    iSurvive survival guide
    Mantis Bible Study w/ KJV
    Kindle - reader but ios 4 books has it beat.
    Tapatalk - Accessing forums like this one
    Kitco Gold and Silver quotes
    Gorgy Atomic Clock
    Motion X GPS
    Motion X GPS Drive
  3. Mousetrapper

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    Just got my iPhone4 and found some dreadful apps but these are some that I like, and I think have an equivalent Android version.

    StarChart - uses the compass and tilt sensor to show the stars and planets the phone is pointing at.
    Google Earth
    Kindle - Can get a load of free classic books from Amazon.
    Flashlight - Turns the flash into an LED torch.
    London TubeMap
    RedLaser - Barcode scanner, which finds prices and locations close to you if you want as well.
    OS GB 250K - Map of the UK which is stored on the phone rather than downloading, handy if you have no signal.
  4. vegasrandall

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    How about us IPAD geeks?
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