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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by snowbyrd, Mar 29, 2007.

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    Will they pump water from a deep well which is 485 feet deep and uses a 4 horsepower motor? Need to water my garden without enriching the power company. We have had drought conditions in s. ga for a few years.
    I read somewhere how to compute those numbers, but have forgotten.
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    Cool...... very cool. May have to look into that one myself.
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    Hi oldteacher,
    Check out a company called Backwoods Solar.

    They have systems that will work on your farm.
    There are companies in Az that have systems that pull from 1000 feet. They are not cheap but they work.

    If you are looking for inexpensive panels and invertors
    check out Harbor Freight Tools.

    I know these are chinese but all the panels are made there. If you check the labels on BP, GE, Seimans they are all made in China. I found that Harbor Freight charge controllers are poor, use another brand.

    If you or anyone needs help PM me and I'll try to help.

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    A friend of mine bought a set of panels from harbor with a controler, some lights and stuff. no inverter, no batts. He had to return the first set he bought but the second one plus an inverter and two deep cycle batts run his tv, stereo and vcr. Saves him a fair amount of $ 'cuz his wife runs them all day long. The cost from Freight was $199+tax. the other stuff I don't know. Solar works well, the technology has come along way in the last 10yrs or so.
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    i read somewhere that you better make sure that your solar panels are UL "certified" (Underwriter Laboratories) otherwise i don't think you can get your system certified by the power company, or an electrician finishing your install at the meter for a grid tie in (i thought i read this somewhere)
    if you choose not to do a grid tied system, then i guess it doesn't really matter - but i think the UL certified products are a tad safer than the ones that are not

    i had been looking on ebay previously, however, the vendor i was researching disappeared (with 5000+ feedback & 96.9% positive at that!!)
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    I'm AMAZED that you use a 4 hp pump at only 480'.....seems like would deliver an awful lot of 30-40gal/ you have a need for that much water at one time ?

    We would only use a 3/4 or 1hp pump here for that depth....and that would get you 5-8gal/min, which is plenty for normal household use.....
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