Some lists of anti-gun people,and organizations to boycott.

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by goinpostal, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. goinpostal

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  2. CaboWabo5150

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    Now WTF !?!?!??! Sylvester Stallone is anti-gun.... Rambo.?.. What the hell has this world come to ?

    Many of those celebrities owe their careers to running around on a movie set aiming and shooting...

    Ok.. All you anti gun types.. Go tell your bodyguards they can't carry anymore...
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  3. melbo

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    Kevin Costner?
  4. BTPost

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    I noticed that they list Walter Cronkite.... He has been dead for a number of years.... I think the list is pretty BOGUS.... Just My Opinion.... YMMV....
  5. Alpha Dog

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    Man come please not Cool Hand Luke!!!!!!!!
  6. Dogfood

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    I have been boycotting everything on the list before knowing I should.
  7. Redneck Rebel

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    LMAO, what a joke. The NRA should be on that list of organizations. When they decide to stand up for the second amendment again they'll have my support. Unfortunately though the morons seem to think the 2nd amendment can be bargained rather than being a black and white topic.
  8. goinpostal

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    He may be dead,but He was a major libturd in life.
    One thing can be said about him though,is that He kept it off camera for the most part.
    Though I got these lists from steves pages,He got them from the NRA.
    Though I'm not biggest fan of the NRA,I dont think they would produce something like this if it were not fact.They would get buried under lawsuits if they did,and so would Steve for that matter.
  9. Seawolf1090

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    Some of these may no longer be in existence. I tried googling the "American Firearms Association" on the list of organizations and got nada.
  10. goinpostal

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    Alot of times they end up changing their names,splintering to become multiple groups,or dissolving alltogether.ACORN is a good example of this tactic.
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  11. goinpostal

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    From what I can dig up on Google the AFA is a group that is supposedly pro gun,but hate high cap mags,supposed cop killer bullets,and supposed assult rifles when it comes to supporting legislation.
    I'll see if I can dig up more on them.
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