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Discussion in 'Politics' started by RightHand, May 17, 2012.

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    Whoo hooo. Pizza now a vegetable. Gotta eat more veggies. Lol. Of course they have to get involved because some entity has to look out for all the people that can't look out for themselves. Remember the majority would classify twinkies as a food group if they could. Gone are the days of moderation and people like to blame others for their poor eating habits. "It's the (party of choice)'s fault that Mickey D's burgers made me fat. Just because I eat there three times a day, every week, isn't my fault."

    Watch the movie Wall-E? Hover chairs? Fat, huge people in hover chairs. "Just relax and eat this. It will keep you calm and docile." Of course it will. Hard to be rebellious when you weigh four hundred pounds. It starts with the parents. What about cloned meat? Better living through genetic alterations. Yay.
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    O-M-G. How does this qualify as important enough to occupy Congress in the face of the debt?
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    If pizza counts as a veggie, can we count beer as a grain?
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    It gets worse.....
    Heard on Talk Radio today (I know, 'consider the source...') of a school that got fined $17,000 because they left a soda machine plugged in and working during the 47 minute of.... <gasp!> LUNCH TIME! Seems the district has a rule that all soda machines may NOT sell or dispense during lunch! Candy machines were okay, because they sold products containing PEANUTS!

    Sheesh...... remember, the idiots passing these silly rules are ELECTED! :rolleyes:
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    and obviously subsidized by candy companies :D
  7. TailorMadeHell

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    Nobody better lay a finger on my overweight child and his gallon of butterfinger ice cream.
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